I was a programmer for NCR for ten years, but during my first week on the job, I showed our management team a theory I called parallel processing. They laughed and told me to go back to my cube! Five years later, they bought a company called Teradata. When I saw Teradata present its parallel processing concepts, I leaped to my feet and said, “I knew that would work.”

Tera-Tom here! 30-years ago, I predicted Teradata’s parallel processing concept would be the architecture of all future computers. That was a no-brainer, but I was surprised that nobody believed me. That’s OK! I was able to teach over 1,000 Teradata classes and made over 10 million dollars.

Twenty years ago, I predicted Netezza would change the data warehouse landscape with its load-and-go design data warehouse appliance. I had dinner with Netezza CEO, Zit Saxena, and lunch with CTO and mastermind Foster Hinshaw. Foster explained the concepts behind the Netezza architecture, and I told him, “You got something big here!” It was a different concept than Teradata, but I knew it was a brilliant strategy. The Netezza design started an avalanche, and soon, the market exploded with new vendors.

I am now predicting that Snowflake will change the cloud computing landscape. Let me tell you why I am in a position to know, and I will then give you three reasons why you need to migrate data to Snowflake.

There are three areas where I am an expert:

  1. Database architecture is my passion. Safari books tell me that I have broken a category record by writing 94% of all books under “Computer Engineering.” The design of how a system works fascinates me, and that is why I have written over 80 top-selling books on every parallel processing architecture.
  2. I love teaching SQL. I have taught SQL on every system for over 25-years. I combine SQL books with the system architecture to teach companies how to design each database and then tune the queries for maximum performance.
  3. I put together a team of programmers, and, over the past 15-years, we have built the best-desktop and server software for querying, moving data, and performing cross-system queries across all databases. We are the only company in the world that currently allows users to move data and perform federated queries at the desktop (with Nexus) but execute from any NexusCore Server.

Here are three reasons why Snowflake is going to change the Cloud computing world.

  1. Every single SQL statement I have ever seen from every other database vendor works on Snowflake. I have never seen anything like that in the 30-years of teaching SQL. Why is this nearly impossible feat important? Companies can instantly migrate data to Snowflake and still use their current applications from each system.
  2. Snowflake allows you to purchase computing nodes on the cloud, and you are only charged for the computing nodes when queries are running. You can increase the number of nodes to hundreds of nodes (i.e., to load billions of rows in minutes), and then you can decrease the number of nodes to one if you desire. They call this a consumption model, but I call this real-time scalability.
  3. Compute nodes and storage are separate, so a company has options for creating multiple data warehouses that access the same data. You can have different organizations within your enterprise purchase their own compute nodes, and each separate entity in the organization can access the same data, or load and query the data they need.

The Snowflake architecture is a combination of Teradata’s parallel processing and scalability with Netezza’s load-and-go strategy with Amazon’s consumption model. Snowflake uses no indexing or partitioning of data, but instead min-max column metadata on each data block to tune Snowflake automatically.

Snowflake is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and they only work on the cloud. They are both a partner and competitor with Amazon, Google, and the Microsoft Azure cloud. Amazon works on AWS, Microsoft works on Azure, and Google works on the Google cloud, but Snowflake works on them all.
Some big-time players from Microsoft and Oracle started Snowflake in 2012, and they have a current valuation of 3.9 Billion dollars. They currently have over 2,000 current customers largely because they were able to triple their customer base this year (2019).

How did I know that Snowflake SQL is the most robust in the industry? I wrote a 500-page SQL book on Snowflake, and I tested the SQL from all 30 of my SQL books. I am now prepared to publish book number 81 and have my teachers teach Snowflake SQL classes. Wow! You should see the analytics chapter!

How hard did I jump on the Snowflake bandwagon? I have a customer of my Nexus query and NexusCore data movement product, which is one of the nation’s largest insurers. They asked me to enhance the Database Mover so that they could move data from Teradata, Oracle, Netezza, Redshift, and SQL Server to Snowflake. I leaped on the opportunity.

Currently, the combination of our Nexus Query Chameleon and NexusCore Server products can move data at top speed with the press of a button between Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Postgres, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SAP HANA, Greenplum, and Snowflake. We split the source data into different streams to parallel process the loads to Snowflake. Then customers can execute the movement from the NexusCore Server, where it makes the most sense (on-premises or on any cloud).

We also have the best point-and-click visual Super Join Builder to perform joins across these platforms. Not even a data scientist can do that, but now anyone can. We allow Nexus Chameleon desktop users to drop-and-drag tables from any system, and then execute the queries on the NexusCore Server. A brilliant desktop tool that puts the business user on the same playing field as the data scientist, with the ability to execute on the server, is the software architecture of the future.

While Snowflake is building the database platform of the future since 2012, for 15-years, I have been building the software architecture of the future. Consider trying us both!

Please contact me via LinkedIn and allow us to provide a free demo for your team so you can start experiencing the power of Nexus and NexusCore at your company! And please call me if you need any Snowflake SQL training.

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