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The only desktop and server combination that work together.  Users can do everything on their Nexus desktop from home or at the office but can execute on the Nexus Server for high-speed throughput.


The Nexus Pro allows every user to access any data, at any time, anywhere.  Business users are now on the same playing field as the data scientist.  The user can perform tasks from the desktop or the Nexus Server.


Nexus Federate builds joins automatically and allows you to join tables across systems from any combination of Yellowbrick, Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Greenplum, Redshift, Big Query, Hadoop, MySQL, Snowflake, SAP HANA, Aurora, and PostgreSQL.


Compare and synchronize entire databases between Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2. Run it from the desktop or allow the Nexus Server to do it for you at high-speed.  Synchronized data is consistent data for all.



When data is big and you have the need for speed, build it on the desktop, but let the Nexus Server run it for you.  You may be at the office or at home, but it is as if you are sitting on a high-speed Server.


What does the Nexus Free cost you?  Nothing, it's free.  Our Universal ODBC invention will connect you to any single database that has an ODBC driver.  You write the SQL using our beautiful interface and Nexus Free will deliver a result set.


Easily backup any database directly to flat files on the Nexus Server.  When disaster strikes, the Nexus Backup will restore your data.  Use Nexus Backup on the desktop, or let the Server perform the backup and recovery at high-speed..


Why pay others to move and migrate your data? Let Nexus Migrate move your data with total automation.  Users can move data from their desktop, or have a Nexus Server move it with high-speeds.


You can query every SQL database in the world as long as it has an ODBC driver.  Connect to an unlimited amount of data sources with our Universal ODBC driver and write your SQL.  You write the SQL and Nexus SQL delivers the results.


Compress an entire Teradata database with the click of a button.  Nexus Compress uses Teradata's multi-value compression capabilities to shrink your tables down to size.  Now, anyone using Teradata can compress.

Welcome to Coffing Data Warehousing

Welcome to CoffingDW, we are the creator of the Nexus Enterprise Software for Data Warehousing. Nexus is a sophisticated multi-vendor enterprise management and analytic software that fits seamlessly into any environment. As part of our support and solutions for our customers, CoffingDW also specializes in world-class books and training on every major system and vendor.

CoffingDW has been on the cutting edge of data warehousing technology for over the past 20 years. Our solutions have helped provide the largest data warehouses in the world increased cost savings, productivity, and efficiency.

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Coffing DW was founded in 1993
by Tom Coffing


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