About Coffing Data Warehousing

CoffingDW was founded in 1993 by Tom Coffing, better known as Tera-Tom, because of the 1,000 Teradata class Tom has taught around the world. Tom has written 75 books on almost every database platform and is the number one technical book author in the industry.

In the year 2000, Tom changed the company’s direction from a training company to a software company.  Under the direction and design of Tom, the CoffingDW team has built the most versatile Big Data software on the market. Hundreds of large companies use the Nexus software platform to query all systems, to move data between systems, and to perform federated cross-system joins across all platforms.

The Nexus product line sells these products:

  • NexusSQL
  • NexusPro
  • NexusMigration
  • NexusServer

What is unique and brilliant about the product line is that thousands of users use the NexusPro and NexusMigration tools in conjunction with the NexusServer.  Users can build queries, data movement jobs, and federated queries from the desktop, but execute them on the NexusServer.  The Nexus tools pass the user’s credentials to the NexusServer, and the Server runs the job for the user.

CoffingDW wrote the book on all systems, so who better to build software that allows companies to work with all of their systems as if they were one giant eco-system.

With an eye towards the future, CoffingDW is constantly adding features and capabilities to the Nexus, so CONTACT US to see a demo today!