What We Do

We at Coffing Data Warehousing strive to advance the future of all computing through our books, education, and especially our software.  We work every day to live the words of our founder and CEO, Tom Coffing: “Don’t wait for the future to happen.  Create it!”

Our approach is a unique one in the data warehousing industry.  We take on everything that we do from a vendor-neutral, hardware-neutral perspective.  Our software works on every major vendor in the world, so it fits seamlessly into every enterprise in the world.  Our vision for the future of all computing is uniting all databases and hardware with a single piece of powerful, sophisticated software on the desktop level.  Users will be able to model, join, query, convert, and move data with ease regardless of whether the data is in a columnar, in-memory, relational, appliance, Hadoop or all of the above databases.  The Nexus truly is the future of all computing, and we would love to take your enterprise and its users to the next level.

The other reason why Coffing Data Warehousing is so unique is the fact that, for the past 20 years, we have been a leader in technical training and book writing.  We have written over 50 books and taught over 1,000 classes reaching millions of people the world over.  Our building block approach to the books and classes we offer are what allow thousands of people to become certified on a multitude of systems every single year.  Every book and class contains clear and concise examples and pictures that people need to see only once before they understand it perfectly. We invite you to please read our sample chapters and class outlines, and we will be happy to design a class that specifically meets your needs.