The cost of a 10 Terabyte system can be upwards of 25 million dollars. Imagine using one tool to take back, on average, 30% of a Data Warehouse’s space, saving the need for upgrades and returning millions of invested dollars.

SmartCompress is the industry’s first solution for automatically compressing data within your warehouse. It gives administrators the power to reclaim vast amounts of valuable space at a fraction of the effort – reducing overall hardware and administrative costs.

The SmartCompress add on with Nexus is our best-selling feature.  Companies who use SmartCompress save an average of 35% space on their Teradata system.  This is due to SmartComprress using multi-value compression as opposed to block level or any other compression type.  With multi-value compression, there is never a need for data to be “de-compressed”.  Queries run even faster on data that is compressed.  But, the most important reason why people love SmartCompress is the fact that it saves companies literally millions of dollars.  They love the fact that, with SmartCompress, they can delay purchasing that expensive system upgrade.

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