60-Second Videos of Nexus’ Top Features

Getting Started

Download a free trial of Nexus and watch this 60-second video to see how easy it is to connect to any database. You could be ready to query in 60 seconds.

Searching Across Systems

Imagine a query tool so powerful that it can search for column names across all systems in your enterprise. Welcome to the Nexus Cache Tree!

Migrating Data

Nexus is a query tool with an ETL engine that can move a table instantly or migrate thousands of tables with a few mouse clicks. Your data can be gone in 60 seconds!

Join Builder Writes the SQL

What an advantage that Nexus shows you what tables and views can join and even writes the SQL for you automatically. Check out how brilliant the Nexus Super Join Builder works on all database platforms.

Federated Queries

The best query tool in the world joins tables and views across databases. The Nexus even builds the SQL, table conversions, and load utilities so you can choose where the join takes place. See what many have thought impossible possible.

Customizing Your Result Set Viewing

They call it the Nexus Chameleon because it fits in any database environment, changes colors, and can completely change its look and feel.

Using Excel

Nexus can export result sets to Excel, but it can also join Excel worksheets with database tables and views and create tables from Excel on any database system.

Dragging Answer Sets to Create Tables

How often have you wanted to save data to a sandbox on a database system? Nexus could not make this easier because you can drag any answer set to any system in your tree, and Nexus creates a table with the data using high-speed utilities.

Build Analytics Automatically

Writing window functions or ordered analytics is challenging for seasoned SQL developers, but Nexus writes analytics for you on every database.

Analytics From Result Sets

Once you query and receive an answer set with Nexus, you are just getting started because Nexus can join answer sets from different systems and calculate window functions and ordered analytics exactly like you might do on a database, but only about a hundred times faster!

Nexus Server Philosophy

One of the great inventions is the Nexus Server, which coordinates with Nexus on a user's laptop or desktop to provide high-speed data movement options. Users can move data, create large migration jobs, and perform federated queries on their laptops or desktops, but when large amounts of data need to be transferred, they can schedule their jobs to run through a Nexus Server.