Snowflake PDF is a masterpiece by Tom Coffing and Dave Cook.

Tom Coffing is considered the best technical book author in the world. Tom has written over 75 books on the architecture and SQL of all major database platforms. The Snowflake book is possibly his best work, and Tom’s co-author Dave Cook is the mastermind behind their Nexus query tool for Snowflake. You can check out the table of contents of this 1200-page book at

Snowflake Training Classes from Tera-Tom.

Over 1,000 classes taught, Tom Coffing receives rave reviews for his Snowflake Architecture and SQL classes. Tom became famous for his training of Teradata classes in the 1990s and beyond and has taken his formula for success to other platforms such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Netezza, Greenplum, and Google BigQuery. Tom teaches classes on-site or virtual, but Tom has been receiving nearly perfect reviews for his virtual classes. Students get so much hands-on training that they leave the course as veterans with enormous experience. You can see the course curriculums at

Snowflake Migration Automation

Companies use the Nexus Server software to migrate thousands of tables to Snowflake from legacy systems like Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, SAP Hana, Greenplum, MySQL, and Postgres.

David Cook, CTO at Coffing Data Warehousing, says, “We spent 18 years perfecting high-speed data migrations to and from 20 different systems. Our clients are scheduling data migrations in minutes, and the Nexus Server is automating the DDL and data type conversion, the load scripts, and the execution.”

You can see the Nexus Server in action here:

The Best Query Tool for Snowflake is Nexus

The Snowflake website has a basic query tool that accepts SQL and returns an answer set. However, the Nexus Query Chameleon can query all systems in every enterprise simultaneously, with hundreds of special features, including:

Federated queries – Nexus has an SQL builder that performs joins across on-premises and cloud databases.

Cache Tree Seach Capabilities – Users can search for column names, and Nexus shows every system, database, and schema where the column name exists within the enterprise.

Automatic Analytic builder – Users can take answer sets from any database platform and use drop-and-drag templates to build and execute analytics inside the user’s PC.

Look-and-Feel – Users can change the colors of the Nexus Query Chameleon, including dark mode, and decide where answer sets reside (bottom, side, in tabs, etc.,)

Check out the Nexus Query Chameleon for Snowflake here:

Please contact Tom Coffing at for more information about Snowflake books, training, migration, and the Nexus Query Chameleon tool.