There is no such thing as a free lunch, but there is free analytics!

If you break down an analytic, it is nothing more than math running against a data set. Most vendors have the same fundamental analytics, but each has a few analytics that only they provide.

That is when the idea hit me like a ton of bricks. My Nexus software can query every database platform if it has an ODBC connection, so why not give users the ability to calculate analytics inside their PC or laptop? Furthermore, the cost is free when Nexus does the analytic calculations on data sets.

Since not all databases provide the same analytics, Nexus can provide the calculations no matter which database returns the data set. Of course, some people will argue that the user’s PC or laptop doesn’t have resources on millions or billion rows of data, but then the user can schedule the analytics to run on the Nexus Server. And no matter if the new report with the analytics included comes from the user’s PC or laptop or the Nexus Server, the reports can be shared with everyone.

Next time you need to run a wide variety of analytics on a data set, quit paying your database vendor and run them for free on your Nexus.

Since the Nexus costs about $3.00 per day, the analytics are not free, but they are much less expensive than the 10 million dollars you paid for Teradata.

Watch this video and quit paying for analytics!