An international semiconductor company was running a complex query on Teradata and wanted automatically to create a table on their MySQL system.  We came up with two solutions:

  • They run the query on Teradata and receive a result set, where they can drag the result to their MySQL tree, and automatically create a table and move the data.
  • They schedule the query to run on the Nexus Server, and the Nexus Server automatically takes the answer set and uses it to create a table on their MySQL system.

Here is a picture of the Teradata result set drop-and-drag to the MySQL system.




Here is a picture of the Nexus Server Query function. 



The future of software is to simplify complicated tasks to provide powerful capabilities for all employees. If you want to access any data, at any time, anywhere, you need to be able to move data instantly. The Nexus makes it easy to drag-and-drop answer sets to other systems to create tables.  The Nexus Server does the same thing, but for large data sets.

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