A large bank was consolidating on Teradata and needed Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 users to move critical data to their Teradata sandbox.  We invented the Nexus multi-database tree, where you can see two systems trees side by side.  Users can click-and-drag to move a single-table or an entire database,  which creates the table(s) on the Teradata system.

Here is a picture of the multi-tree in action.  Notice in the first tree, we have scrolled down to the Oracle system, and in the second tree, we have scrolled down to our Teradata sandbox.  When we click-and-drag the database from the Oracle tree to the Teradata tree, Nexus creates the tables and moves the data.




The future of software is to simplify complicated tasks to provide powerful capabilities for all employees. If you want to access any data, at any time, anywhere, you need to be able to move data instantly. The Nexus multi-tree will be available in May 2020.


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