Tera-Tom here!  66 million years ago an asteroid hit planet Earth and the dinosaurs were instantly doomed!  A massive extinction event followed, yet as the saying goes, there is a silver lining to every cloud.  This horrific event paved the way for a new era, where creatures called “mammals” began to rule.  This led to the evolution of man and woman kind, the rise of prophets, and computers.

66 weeks ago “Big Data” hit planet Earth and hardware and software dinosaurs were instantly doomed!  A massive extinction event will follow, yet there is a gold in cloud computing.  This terrific event has paved the way for a new era, where companies called “customer centric” have begun to rule.  This will lead to the evolution of high quality service to men and women customers, a rise in profits, and computer cost savings!

Dinosaurs couldn’t predict the asteroid — and hardware and software vendors never saw the big data “Aster”oid coming!  Except us – we called it right!  The others still don’t realize what has happened.

15 years ago we started building desktop software to bring all systems together as one.  That is why many customers call the Nexus Chameleon the greatest BI tool available today!  We designed the Nexus Chameleon with an eye towards enabling an open systems approach, fully supporting what today is known as Big Data.  Further, the Nexus Chameleon will support Big Data from the cloud.

Some people reply to my emails and tell me “this is an advertisement!”  However I consider this to be a wake-up call!  Consider this as a life raft – a unique opportunity to convert your hardware, tools and approach into a survivor!   If I were to fall overboard on a ship, and then have someone throw me a lift raft, I would say thank you!  I’d then ask myself, “How lucky did I just get?!”  If that same person then asked if I’d like to thrive after surviving, I’d say “tell me how!”.    Well here’s some background on how to survive.

The Nexus Chameleon puts the data scientist on the same playing field with the business user.  The Nexus Chameleon queries all systems, converts tables and data between systems, moves data as fast as lightning and brings all in-house and cloud computers together as one.  Consider it your futuristic life raft!

How does the Nexus Chameleon bring the data scientist and the business user together?  Nexus shows tables and views visually, and provides a menu to display all other tables and views that can be joined (across the enterprise).  Users merely point and click on the columns they want on their report, and Nexus builds the SQL, conversion scripts and executes the data movement transparently. Users see none of the complexity and literally get their report back with a few clicks of the mouse.  Have you ever even seen a data scientist do a cross-system join?  Both the data scientist and the business user can equally take advantage of the Nexus together.

The Nexus Chameleon allows users to query all systems simultaneously or join tables from different systems automatically, and Nexus places all answer sets in its “Garden of Analysis”.  Users can drop and drag column headers to pre-defined templates and get dozens of additional reports instantly and/or they can even graph and chart their data in the Nexus dashboards.  What is truly amazing is that all “Garden of Analysis” calculations are done inside Nexus.

How do I know that all other hardware and software vendors missed the big data “Aster”oid?  The hardware vendors built tools that work only on their platform!  The software vendors either focused on a single platform or a single concept; such as data movement, graphing, point-and-click report writing, or re-querying of answer sets.  Yet that approach will cause extinction!  The Nexus Chameleon does all these things, and rings a wake-up bell!