Tera-Tom here!  The Platypus is among nature’s most unlikely animals. In fact, the first scientists to examine a specimen believed they were the victims of a hoax.  That is because a Platypus has the bill of a duck, the tail of a beaver, the body of an otter and the venom of a snake. And they are only one of two mammals that lay eggs.  These animals have survived for millions of years because they took the best from what nature has to offer.

The Nexus Chameleon has a bill that is inexpensive.  It has the tale of legend because it moves data like Informatica, graphs and charts like Tableau, points-and-clicks like Microstrategy and brings data together from disparate systems like SAS. Nexus is the only enterprise windows based tool built by mammals that is designed to solve one business problem.  To get the business users and the IT staff working together as one cohesive unit!

The IT staff will often say, “That is the most powerful tool I have ever seen”.  The Business users will often say, “That is the easiest and friendliest tool I have ever seen”.

To accomplish solving this new age business problem you need a Chameleon that can fit into any environment, but one that has Platypus versatility to combine features together.

Imagine an hour long demo where everything you see is something that you have never seen before?  At first you might think you are the victim of a hoax!  I promise that it is real.

We build the business user environment so users can see every table or view visually and in color.  They click on any table and a menu guides the user to what other tables or views are eligible to be joined.  Click on the tables or views you need and then click on the columns you want on the report.  The Nexus Chameleon builds the SQL perfectly every time!  You don’t even need to know SQL to be as powerful as a data scientist who writes SQL.

Have you ever seen a five-table join from Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server?  All five tables are shown visually and in color with logos identifying which system they came from.  Just pick the columns desired on the report and hit the execute button.  Nexus is smart enough to build the SQL, convert the table structures and move the data to Teradata where the join is performed.  Nexus commands the production systems to talk to one another.  No data is going through your PC, until the answer set comes back.  This design will hold up for even the largest of tables.

We build the IT environment so the staff can do things they have never imagined before. Ever have to move an entire Oracle or SQL Server database to Teradata?  Just right click on any Oracle or SQL Server database and choose from the menu “Move to Teradata”.  Nexus converts the table structures and moves the data by building and executing TPT scripts.  It is done as fast as physics allow.  You can complete six-week conversion projects with the click of a button.

And finally, all Nexus answer sets are automatically placed in the Nexus Garden of Analysis.  A user can re-query answer sets without leaving their PC.  Why not get answer sets from several systems and then build Ordered Analytics, Grouping Sets, Cubes and Rollup reports?  Why not graph and chart answer sets and then place them in a dashboard to share with peers?  The truly brilliant piece of the Garden of Analysis is that all re-querying is done inside your PC.

I think you will now agree that a Nexus Chameleon beats a Platypus all day long!