Tera-Tom here!  Once a hound dog starts tracking, it keeps at it, “sniffin’ and huntin’.all day long”.  Today, I am announcing the release of the Nexus Hound Dog Compression tool!  Just click on any Teradata database and the Hound Dog will bark up the right tree.  The Hound Dog won’t stop sniffing out space savings until every table is compressed.  And how about hunting out a 35% average compression rate? And all day long, there is no bad news, because multi-value compression never has to decompress.

The Hound Dog Multi-value Compression tool can reduce table sizes by an average of 35% and you’ll feel like a mighty hunter…  Just how good is this hunting dog?  There are four key factors that make the Hound Dog howl and succeed:

  • The Hound Dog is incredibly easy to use
  • It is extremely fast in how it handles compression
  • This hunting dog’s algorithm is incredibly efficient
  • The process is fully automated – with no hassles

You can compress dozens of tables with a few clicks of the mouse.  The Hound Dog even remembers your preferences the next time you use it.

Our tests show that tables with over 50,000 rows having a space savings of roughly 35% by using the Hound Dog.  Compressed tables can be 35% smaller than the original.  Spool space is up to 35% smaller, queries can be 35% faster, and the network can have about 35% less traffic.  On a twenty million dollar data warehouse system, with 100 or more simultaneous queries running, performance can be accelerated for users by about 35%!

While Teradata doesn’t put out a tool for multi-value compression, it doesn’t mean there’s no hunt left for the Hound Dog.  I am proud to say that CoffingDW has been putting out multi-value compression tools for nearly a decade, and the new Hound Dog is incredible.  Most people are familiar with our SmartCompress multi-value compression tool, which is used in hundreds of Teradata sites.  Yet the Hound Dog builds on the SmartCompress approach, and takes compression to a whole different level.  After creating the algorithm, and analyzing the numbers, we let the Hound Dog run free.   We were confident we could give the tool the intelligence to make the right choice every time.

Consider the following information:  Based on discussions with a number of our Nexus Chameleon customers, we heard that hundreds or even thousands of users will move data to their sandboxes on Teradata.  The Hound Dog auto compresses tables as Nexus converts, moves, and cross-joins between different systems.  Therefore this compression automation has the potential to reduce costs significantly in data storage costs, CPU, Disk I/O and query time.  All this without requiring intervention by the team responsible for managing these systems.

“After each table is compressed the Hound Dog provides you with a wide variety of reports, including a dashboard to audit and report space savings to management. This dashboard also captures a history of all compression activity from the first time compression occurred up to the current date, so a complete history of savings is always present and current.”

The Hound Dog can provide the equivalent of up to a 35% rebate on your entire system.   For those of you who would like to try this puppy, I can arrange a free trial.  Just give me a howl and I will unleash the hounds on your system!  If your Teradata representative appears afraid of the Hound Dog, just tell them that its bark is worse than its byte!






Tom Coffing

CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing

Website: www.CoffingDW.com

Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com

Direct: 513 300-0341