A sizeable primary healthcare provider requested the Nexus Pro and Nexus Server to migrate data from their Teradata and SAP HANA systems directly to Google BigQuery.  This herculean effort might take some software companies years to develop, but we expect to finish with 30-days.  We currently convert table structures and data types between 80 different system combinations and move data in 100 different ways.  Within ten days, we have built the Google BigQuery Systems tree, and we now can run queries against Google BigQuery.



What is so brilliant about our Nexus Migrate product is that it works with a combination of the Nexus Pro desktop tool and the Nexus Server.  The entire process is automated, so all you do is pick the source system and database, the tables you want to move, and the target system and database.

The Nexus Pro desktop passes the data movement task along with the user’s credentials, and the Nexus Server runs the migration automatically.  The Nexus Migrate program converts the tables and data types from the source system to the target system, and then uses the load utility provided by the vendor to move the data.  Plus, everything runs on a high-powered Server and network, so the speed of transfer is fast.

The future of software is to simplify complicated tasks to provide powerful capabilities for all employees. If you want to access any data, at any time, anywhere, you need to be able to move data instantly.  A company can migrate to BigQuery using the Nexus Server and our Nexus Migrate product by May 2020.


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