Tera-Tom here!


For those who don’t know the reason they call me Tera-Tom, it’s because I have taught over 1,000 Teradata classes, written over 50 books on Teradata, and authored 25 books on all of the other major platforms.  I have been the CEO of my own company for the past 25 years and I shocked everyone when I announced 15 years ago that Coffing Data Warehousing was going to dedicate itself to building software; the only software tool that would do everything on all platforms and across all platforms.  It is called the Nexus Query Chameleon and it is used by over 300 major companies.  Today I am announcing Nexus release 11.


What is so incredible about this release of Nexus is its ability to integrate “the big four.” That is the complete integration of Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 as if they were all one giant system.


Some people love to write their own SQL, and Nexus allows you to do that across over 25 different platforms. But why write the SQL when Nexus will write it for you?  Once you tell Nexus how two tables join, it will remember forever.  Users just point-and-click, and Nexus builds the SQL automatically.


Can you ever imagine running a 100 table join with 25 tables each coming from Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 in a single query?  Then can you imagine including Excel Spreadsheets in the mix?  Can you then imagine saving the query in a menu for everyone to use in seconds? Can you then envision saving the answer set as a table to any of these systems?  You can even schedule this query to run once, daily, weekly, or monthly in the Nexus scheduler.


This release of Nexus will allow users to move a single table or an entire database to and from “the big four” with five clicks of the mouse or by touching the screen.  You can also compare and synchronize entire databases.  I recently did a compare and sync of my Teradata database with my Oracle, SQL Server , and DB2 databases and scheduled it to run automatically.


I am inviting you to download the latest Nexus free of charge, and I have placed Nexus Help videos inside the Nexus that will guide you through how to setup and use this amazing tool. I will even give you a 3-month trial for as many users as you would like in your enterprise.  Call, write, or click HERE to try it.