Tera-Tom here!

What does the world’s most successful bank, telecommunications company, movie studio, and PC manufacturer have in common? Teamwork! There is no “I” in team, but there is a capital “I” in Information. These top players all use information to make decisions and they do so by putting the business users and analysts on the same playing field as the DBA and the data scientist. They all understand that there is an “Us” in Nexus.

I have taught over 1,000 classes on almost every big data platform, and I have written over 75 books on almost every big data platform. What I can tell you is there are three major mistakes that rookie companies make:

  1.  Nobody understands what information can be joined so it takes years of experience to become competent to join data.
  2. Because time is money why in the world would a company make employees write SQL to get the information they need?
  3. Data needs to be moved to and from different places to be coalesced in a timely manner so the ability to do so has to be as easy as point-and-click.

When I designed Nexus over 10 years ago, the first thing I did was make sure it worked on all databases. The next thing I did was to make sure that users could see tables and views visually, and that from a menu also see what other tables and views can join together. The next thing I did was to ensure that users could point-and-click on the columns they wanted from the tables and have the Nexus automatically build the SQL. Then I made sure that a user could move tables and even entire databases to and from any system with the click of a button. And lastly, I combined the above capabilities so users could perform cross-system joins as easily as querying a single system. And to put the topping on the cake, I designed Nexus so that queries, macros, reports, graphs, charts, Excel spreadsheets, word documents, and videos could be passed to and from each employee to their colleagues!

This allowed everyone in the enterprise to completely understand what data joined together. It allowed for incredible speed because Nexus writes the SQL automatically, and it allowed for any data on any system to be coalesced together. This allows the strong and experienced user in a company or department to help the weak and inexperienced user. This is the only way to put everyone on a level playing field and to allow “Us” to take over for “I”.

That is why they call it the Nexus Chameleon and that is what the biggest and best players in these industries have in common!