James T. Kirk of Star Trek communicated with the Starship Enterprise and said, “Beam me up Scottie – There is no intelligent life down here.” Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry and to this day many skeptics don’t think that Captain Kirk actually ever said those words in the original Star Trek episodes. I might be biased, but I don’t think Captain Kirk was actually trying to communicate with the Enterprise, but instead was referring to every major business on the planet Earth. I think he meant to say, “Beam me down a Nexus Chameleon Scottie – There is no Business Intelligence software within the Enterprise!”

Nobody on planet Earth has yet to create true enterprise desktop software, but in a galaxy not far away called Middletown, Ohio a group not made up of “Trekkies”, but instead made up of “Techies” are about 98% complete of their mission. They are currently orbiting the largest companies in the world.

Enterprise software allows a company to immediately save between one and 40 million dollars by consolidating all of their current software licenses into one!

Enterprise software allows users to query and integrate all on-premises and cloud systems together as if they were one!

Enterprise software allows companies to dominate their hardware vendors in negotiations and report back to the CTO that they won!

Enterprise software allows the best and brightest minds in the company to create queries and pass them to everyone else. Users merely point-and-click to get the queries or reports pertinent to everyone!

Enterprise software allows users to write their own SQL if they choose, but it also allows users to see all tables and views visually and automatically writes the SQL for them. This allows every user in the enterprise to go “Where No Man or Woman Has Gone Before”.

Enterprise software allows senior management to deploy additional cloud systems in an instant and command that queries be processed on the new systems, which is often referred to as the “Wrath of Cloud!”

Enterprise software allows users to transport data between systems and save answer sets in their space, the final frontier, throughout their federated systems.

These are the voyages of the stars of the CoffingDW enterprise. Its 10-year mission to explore new systems, seek out new data types, new organizations and boldly go wherever Tera-Tom tells them to go! This means the ability to migrate, move, compare, synchronize and especially join data from across different platforms. That is why we call it the Nexus Chameleon. Nexus means the intersection where all data meets and the Chameleon allows users to adapt to all computing environments. Now that is enterprise software!

Choose the Nexus Chameleon as your on-premises and cloud tool of choice and give your users the ability to “Spock and Awe”. Allow everyone to fly Sulu and Checkov assignments on their list in order to become the real McCoy! Choose enterprise software and move your company to “Warp Speed”.

Let me give you a demo and show you why intelligent life chooses the Nexus Chameleon.