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June 22, 2015 Middletown, Ohio: Coffing Data Warehousing announces the launch of the Nexus Chameleon, a visualization, integration and query tool now available on Microsoft Azure.
Tom Coffing, CEO of Coffing Data Warehousing, today announced the general availability of the Nexus Chameleon, an integrated end-to-end SaaS platform for desktop application development and deployment. The announcement addresses the increasing demand for robust, desktop applications that need to query and integrate multiple systems together.

Tom Coffing said today, “We have had a decade long passion to produce the Nexus Chameleon to be able to query, integrate and visualize data across the majority of major platforms. Having Nexus on Azure is bringing our technology to the mainstream at the perfect time.”

Todd Wilson, CTO of Coffing Data Warehousing said, “The Nexus Chameleon does several things that align brilliantly with cloud computing: They are visualizing tables and data, automatically writing the ETL and SQL with the click of a button, compare and synchronization and cross-system joins.”

Leslie Nolander, CFO of Coffing Data Warehousing stated, “The dream has been to provide a tool that puts the data scientist on the same playing field with the business user. Nexus allows users to see the tables, their relationships and then Nexus builds the SQL. Users can point-and-click and quickly get answer sets, even across different platforms, which makes Nexus outstanding for cloud computing.”

Vibhor Kapoor, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure said, “As new cloud scenarios emerge, products like Nexus are harnessing the power to provide their customers with innovative options that convert table structures and move data between systems, plus the ability to perform visualization and cross-system joins makes Nexus an excellent software asset for cloud computing.”

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