A fortune 100 company had changed its on-premises strategy to the cloud and needed to move its on-premises systems to the AWS cloud.  It wanted to migrate its Netezza, Oracle, and Teradata systems to Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, MySQL, and Postgres.

At the time, they decided that their best choice was to use Amazon’s Data Migration Services (DMS).  After finding that DMS was not reliable enough for this massive project, they began a Proof of Concept with the Nexus Pro desktop and Nexus Server combination.

As the POC continued, they also requested to move data between Redshift and Snowflake, as well as Redshift to MySQL.  They went on to ask to transfer data directly from S3 to Teradata.  They also needed the ability to be able only to select specific columns to move, add a WHERE, AND, LIMIT, and SAMPLE clause to the transfer, as well, and have the table structures built automatically. The flexibility, speed, and reliability proved to be the critical factors in selecting Nexus.

After a successful POC, they purchased 75 Nexus Pro desktops and one Nexus Server that they provisioned on the AWS cloud.

The Nexus Pro desktop allows users to migrate and move data between any system no matter where they are physically sitting, whether that be at the office, a hotel, or working from home.  This incredible feat happens because users can execute the jobs from any Nexus Server.  The fortune 100 company has users spread all over the country, mostly working from home currently, and they have a Nexus Server sitting on the AWS cloud.

Some companies have a Nexus Server on-premises, while others have them on Azure, Google, Century Link, IBM, or the AWS cloud.

The Nexus Pro not only allows for data transfer and migration at high-speeds between different databases, but users can also perform the joining of data across various database platforms.  The joining of tables and views from different systems is what experts refer to as federated queries.  The brilliant part of this capability is the design that allows users to perform federated queries at their desktop, but in actuality, running the jobs from the Nexus Server, and then returning only the answer set to the user.

The Nexus Pro and Nexus Server combination also allows users to schedule complex queries on any system, yet save the results as a table on another database system, plus they can query any database system in their universe.

Some companies specialize in query tools, while others specialize in graphs and charts.  Some companies build ETL tools that work on Servers, while others develop the SQL for the user.  Nobody, but nobody makes a query tool, analytic engine, ETL and ELT data migration tool, and federated query tool that automates everything and also allows the user’s desktop to work in cooperation with multiple Servers, but Coffing Data Warehousing.

Make the best decision of your data career and try a Proof of Concept with us.

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