Title: Press Release – Nexus Chameleon Enters Cloud on Microsoft Azure
Coffing Data Warehousing.
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June 24, 2015 Middletown, Ohio: Coffing Data Warehousing announces the launch of the Nexus Chameleon for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Tom Coffing, CEO of Coffing Data Warehousing, today announced the general availability of the Nexus Chameleon for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Tom Coffing said today, “We believe that the concept of the Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a brilliant paradigm shift for customers performing cloud computing. We are thrilled to announce that our Nexus Chameleon query and integration tool has been tuned to perform on the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.”

Todd Wilson, CTO of Coffing Data Warehousing said, “The Nexus Chameleon allows Azure SQL Data Warehouse customers to convert and move tables directly to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, plus users can visualize their data and perform cross-system joins between the Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server systems.”

Leslie Nolander, CFO of Coffing Data Warehousing stated, “The dream has been to provide a tool that puts the data scientist on the same playing field with the business user. Nexus allows users to see the tables, their relationships and then Nexus builds the SQL. Users can point-and-click and quickly get answer sets, even across different platforms, which makes Nexus outstanding for cloud computing.”

Tiffany Wissner, Senior Director of Data Platform Marketing, Microsoft said, “As customer demand for new hybrid and cloud scenarios for data increases, products like the Nexus Chameleon are providing customers with solutions to query and cross-system join tables between their onsite systems and the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.”

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