Tera-Tom here!

I am excited to announce the release of the NexusCore Server, a monumental new product for Nexus users around the world.  NexusCore gives companies two data migration advantages: NexusCore controls data movement and migration of all database platforms and all Nexus client users can schedule and control data migration functions.

NexusCore allows organizations to prioritize, organize, and schedule jobs on a server that is as close to the source database system as possible. This effectively removes all data movement throughput and network overhead from the client network space. Client machines no longer need to remain powered on and connected during scheduled data migrations.

  1. A server or a series of servers can be strategically placed within an enterprise, so data can be moved quickly between different database platforms. The big advantage is that NexusCore centralizes control of the movement of data between all database servers in an enterprise.
  2. Users can schedule data movement on a global calendar, and each user can move a single table or an entire database between different platforms with the click of a button.  And no data goes through the local network because the Nexus Core server performs the data movement.

In our first release, users can move data between Teradata, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Netezza, and Postgres! Users can schedule data movement jobs in the global calendar or they can choose to move data immediately.  Users can also communicate with each other via a Nexus messaging window controlled by NexusCore.

And setup is so easy.  A database administrator can install Nexus on any Windows Server or a Windows virtual machine on a Linux Server. Once the appropriate ODBC drivers are installed on the NexusCore server, users can connect and move data. NexusCore performs the moves with the scheduling user’s credentials, so there are no changes needed to your security model.  No one is allowed do anything through NexusCore that they aren’t permitted to do on their local Nexus.

Please Contact Us for more information about this revolutionary product! Your ability to centralize all your big data is at your fingertips.

Let Nexus be the Core that your analytics are built around.