The key to building a proactive, agile enterprise? Presenting timely, actionable data to your decision makers. For many organizations, it’s a major challenge to access, transform, and move the right data to the right applications and people at the right time. Doing so typically requires focused attention and time-consuming manual intervention from your DBAs (database administrators) and IT teams.

NExus core server makes data movement easier for DBAs, IT, and business users.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using some combination of Excel, Teradata, Oracle, or one of the other hundreds of options. It’s complex to search, join, compare, and move data between your different systems. DBAs in your enterprise often struggle with an array of issues including:

  • Complex, error-prone scripts
  • Multiple tools, escalating costs
  • Custom workflows
  • Frequent training, operational overhead

Just as important, your IT department has to schedule data migration while considering the impact on network resources. In the meantime, decision makers need actionable data now.

Quickly Transform Data across Platforms and Databases

Breaking down the barriers to database transformation and migration requires an intelligent solution. The best solution simplifies information searching, matching, and joining while providing an efficient highway so actionable data can move quickly.

Nexus Core Server from Coffing Data Warehousing can revolutionize the way your enterprise transforms and moves data between data producers and consumers. The server provides a Cache Search engine that stores metadata locally about the entire system tree. Your team can benefit from:

  • Fast, efficient database search and retrieval
  • Significantly reduced workload
  • Simplified system queries

Learning and maintaining multiple tools and workflows cause resource churn. Instead, Nexus Core Server SuperJoin builder frees up your team, allowing them to quickly and visually drag and drop tables and define joins across platforms without requiring deep SQL expertise. Now, your DBAs and IT experts can efficiently collaborate and create reports with business users, all within the same tool.

Create a Data Movement Highway

Data movement is like the sprawling highways within a city. The ebb and flow of traffic is not consistent, and requires constant monitoring and adjustment of traffic light timing.

Joining and migrating data across different systems so users can get actionable analytics where and when they need it places control in the hands of the enterprise.

Nexus Core Server resides in the middle of the highway, and uses intelligence about data sources and consumers to precisely move data, reducing network congestion.

Your business stakeholders can access the information they need without worrying about saturating the network or pre-scheduling data movement with IT.

While on the surface, the concept of database movement seems like an easy challenge to overcome by adding network hardware.

However, when organizations move data from Oracle to Teradata or from OLTP (online transaction processing) systems, which also includes data enrichment and ETL (extract, transform, and load), the manual scripting effort can be daunting. In many cases, it could take a day, a week, or a month.

Automation and usability are other key aspects of an efficient data highway. Nexus BizStar enables rapid workflow automation, freeing you up from doing repetitive work, which also helps reduce staffing costs. With the Nexus Core Server, whoever needs to move data can do so quickly, reducing the amount of time to deliver actionable analytics by thousands of percentage points.

Empower the Data-Driven Enterprise, Free Up Resources

Nexus Core Server turns your PCs into intelligent data warehousing assets by synthesizing answer sets, joining, and moving data in an optimized fashion that works for all stakeholders:

  • Business users
  • IT professionals
  • DBAs and data movement teams
  • Management and other decision-makers

“It’s unheard of to query a large answer set from a system and then get 50 analytics reports without major effort,” says Tom Coffing, CEO. “Nexus Core Server delivers a huge competitive advantage by allowing enterprises to perform advanced data tasks that a top data expert would find difficult. We’ve automated these processes into one tool so that you can get actionable results at your fingertips with a point and a click.”

Learn more about the Nexus Core Server at the link.