Tera-Tom here!  

I am celebrating 25 years of teaching Big Data today!  Where has the time gone? I was one of the first Teradata teachers and it was so unbelievably hard to learn.  I made it through sheer sacrifice, dedication and an unwillingness to give up. What excites and motivates me more than anything is how many people I have helped along the way.  I wanted to make sure that I was there for everyone, so I could explain things in a clear and concise manner. I’ve always felt that I could give people the gift of knowledge in an area that is so important to a career.

I have taught over 1,000 classes in my career, have written over 75 books and I have put out over 400 videos on Big Data.  I started with Teradata, but I also mastered Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Netezza, Greenplum, DatAllegro, Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW), Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift, ParAccel, Matrix, Aster Data, Vertica and all aspects of Hadoop.  Today, I am working on Python! After that, I will write a book and teach on “R.”

Last year I taught for 10 weeks in a row on 10 different systems!  When I started my career, I did something that nobody else ever even considered.  My goal was to master two extremes. To become the best speaker in the world as well as the most technical computer expert in the industry.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications, attended Toastmasters for 10 years, did television commercials, won awards in theatre, did radio and performed in background scenes in feature films.  I also simultaneously programmed for 10 years in assembler, COBOL, and C and then learned every aspect of Teradata from the hardware, software, SQL, architecture, tuning, load utilities and database design.

I have taken my money, knowledge, experience, and passion and started down a new road.  For the past 15 years, I have been designing and implementing what I think will one day be known as the greatest Big Data software in the world.  It is called the Nexus Chameleon. My team of dedicated programmers has built something that is beautiful, breathtaking and amazing. Imagine desktop software that accesses all systems and is built for data for everyone from the DBA to the business user and you have Nexus!

Today, I am still teaching on all platforms, writing books, and doing videos.  I love this business, and I am thankful to those who mentored me. I appreciate those who helped me become a better speaker and teacher and to those who patiently and lovingly explained the technical aspects of Big Data.  I could not have done it alone.

I hope to continue working with you on the next developments in Big Data. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything.


My contact information is below! 

Tom Coffing

CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing

Direct: 513 300-0341

Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com

Website: www.CoffingDW.com

YouTube channel: CoffingDW