The number one goal in today’s cloud market is for users to be able to access any data, at any time, anywhere.  That usually takes the skill of a data scientist, but how would you like to point-and-click to join Excel to any table from any database?

As a data warehouse manager at the largest bank in the world told me, “The Nexus Super Join Builder puts the business user on the same playing field as a data scientist.”

The Nexus has a 1000 features on 1000 different databases.  Feature number 932 is joining Excel to tables and views.  The Nexus design has two opposite extremes.  It is the easiest tool in the world to use, but it is the most complex and powerful, as well.

The user merely has to point-and-click to join tables, views, and Excel spreadsheets together.  We made it so easy.  Nexus writes the SQL for you!  You can even have a team member do all your joins, and then share them with you and your team.  Then, you merely have to pull them from a menu and press Execute.

The Nexus will then use the 10,000,000 lines of code we developed over the last 20 years to convert table structures, and load the data appropriately based on size, so you see none of the complexity, but enjoy getting the answer set.

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The Nexus Super Join Builder allows a user to see their tables, views, and Excel spreadsheets visually.  All the user has to do is place a checkmark on the columns they want on the report, and Nexus creates the SQL.



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