Tera-Tom here! In two weeks, I will be presenting to the executive architecture team at one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The following week, I will be presenting to one of the largest telecommunications companies, and then to one of the largest insurance companies. You don’t reach executives at this level unless you have technology worth seeing.

I will start each presentation with something that nobody on planet Earth has seen yet. I will perform a three-table table join between a Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server system. I will use Nexus to point-and-click on the tables I want to join. I will click on the columns I want to see on the report and then will press the execute button and the report will return in a couple of seconds. The three-table join is so easy for the end user that a seven year old boy (raised by wolves) could do it, but the underlying code is so complex, that it would take competitors years to accomplish. It took us 10 years!

This is what all software vendors will be attempting in the future, but I don’t think you will see this accomplished for years. We are the only ones doing it, and we have it working today!
If Nexus doesn’t win 2015 product of the year, then something is wrong with the voting!

Some rough estimates by these executives have shown savings up to 25 million dollars (a year) in just software licenses by replacing Toad and SQL Navigator with Nexus.
Other customers who have Teradata systems are using SQL Assistant because it is free. SQL Assistant is fine if you only want to query Teradata, and if you want to write the SQL by hand for the mere reward of receiving an answer set.

But what if you could query any system or all systems simultaneously? What if you could choose to write the SQL by hand or allow the Nexus to show tables and views visually and let the Nexus write the SQL? What if users were provided a Nexus GPS system that guided the user to what tables and views can be joined together? What if you could move a table or even an entire database from Oracle or SQL Server directly to Teradata, and vice versa, with a single click of a button? And what if users could re-query or join answer sets inside their own PC? And how nice would it be if your company saved 25 million dollars as well as equip everyone with the greatest big data tool ever built? The present would be great, but the future would hold no limitations.

The only thing holding back customers from trying and implementing new technologies is that the only tool designed for this purpose is Nexus. So purchase a Nexus and get busy!

While working with some of the largest customers in the world I have found that their first priority is to integrate their Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata systems together. Their second priority is to integrate each of these systems with Hadoop. Their next priority is to begin moving towards the cloud, and their final priority is integrating many of the new and exciting databases within their enterprise, such as Redshift, Vertica, Greenplum and Netezza. The Nexus does all of these things right now!

I know some of the things I am saying are a little hard to believe. So let’s schedule a demo. Invite as many colleagues as you want and be prepared to be amazed. Nexus isn’t just the best tool, but it is the only tool that has been designed and built for over a decade with integration as its purpose in life. Nexus makes every database as friendly as Sweden!



Tom Coffing
CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing
Direct: 513 300-0341
Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com