Data virtualization allows users to move or join data across database platforms with no technical experience.  Why spend millions moving data when your users can join data across platforms?

Data virtualization is the best way to see your data in action, and thus, it has become an important tool for various business lines to get the insights their teams need.

Join us on Thursday, January 21st, at 10:00 PST (1:00 EST) for a 20-minute webinar to hear from Yellowbrick, along with two solution partners, Nexus and Soterosoft, to learn how to build a virtualization roadmap.

  • Hear about the importance of encryption from Sotero and how it is easier to implement than you think.
  • Get a peek into best practices for virtualization from Nexus and how to join data across every major on-premises and cloud system with a button click.
  • Watch a demo of the incredible speeds for federated queries on billion-row tables from Yellowbrick, getting a chance to see how security and virtualization come together to support multiple lines of business.

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