We are proud to offer Universal ODBC – our new connection method that allows users to connect to and interact with any current or future ODBC data source in the universe.

Nexus has always been able to interact with over 25 major data sources natively, but not brand-new data sources.  With Universal ODBC, users can now connect to any data source, display the database layout in our Unified Systems Tree, execute SQL, and interact with result sets in exactly the same way they can from any of our native connection methods.  All that is needed is an ODBC driver.

There are so many new and exciting databases emerging daily, but until now, users have had limits to using the simple vendor-supplied “afterthought” query tools designed specifically for those systems. Nexus Universal ODBC allows users to query new cloud or on-premises databases on the day they’re released.

Not only can users now query any system, regardless of how new, but they will also be able to see a populated tree schema with objects such as catalogs/databases, schemas, tables, views, and procedures, including drill-down capabilities to see columns and indexes. Nexus gathers this information directly from the driver and does so automatically.

Universal ODBC connections display in the same query tool and the same Unified Systems Tree as all of a user’s existing system connections, with no need to switch tools to interact.

And here is some even better news. Not only will users be able to export Universal ODBC data to all of the file types Nexus supports, but they will also be able to use Nexus to pivot answer sets with our brilliant drop-and-drag pivot tool, or view and manipulate the data in our spreadsheet tool.  They can also graph and chart the data and place it in a scrolling dashboard, and even use the Nexus’ Garden of Analytics to add over 80 analytics to any answer set by pointing-and-clicking.  Of course, they can also share reports with their peers.

To be able to query from every data source no matter how new is now achievable with the Nexus Universal ODBC.

Check out the picture below to see the new tree with the Universal ODBC connection.



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