Tera-Tom here! If you want yourself, your team and your entire company to be able to embrace today’s ever-changing computing environment then I have great news. You’re one step away!

No one in the computer industry predicted today’s computer environment except us. That is because nobody else has spent the last 20 years working with the largest companies in the world. Nobody else has partnered with every major computing vendor and very few have been selected to be on the Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and CenturyLink clouds.

What companies out there today are ready to take advantage of cloud computing, commodity hardware, the “Internet of Things”, a wide variety of exciting new parallel processing systems, Hadoop and the integration of social media?

Yours! The answer is in purchasing the Nexus Chameleon for everyone in your enterprise.

The genius lies in the design, the versatility, the creativity and the vast amount of experience. This has been achieved by focusing on one thing and that is enterprise desktop software that works on all systems.

Imagine being able to migrate and move data between a combination of on-premises traditional systems, new appliances and cloud systems with the click of a button.

Imagine the value of being able to see your tables and views visually and then instantly knowing what other tables and views are joinable, and then having the SQL built automatically for you. Then imagine this capability across different on-premises and cloud platforms!

Can you visualize the versatility and power given to your managers if they could allow users to perform cross-system joins and then determine on which system they want the processing to take place? Now imagine how nice it would be if the software made the decision for you.

How nice would it be if you could run a complex query and instead of having the answer set come back to your desktop, you could have it saved to any system you desire?

How much processing and network traffic would you save if every user could re-query answer sets by using the processing power and memory from only their desktop PC?

How excited would your users be if they could join Excel spreadsheets directly to production tables by dragging and dropping and pointing and clicking?

How much competitive advantage would your company gain if every user could instantly graph and chart data in their own personal dashboard, and then share it with their peers?

Can you even imagine being able to convert, migrate, move or compare and synchronize entire databases between systems with the click of a single button?

And what if your entire company could integrate traditional systems such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Teradata with new systems such as Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Greenplum and Netezza and then be able to combine them all with Hadoop?

The largest financial, telecommunications, insurance, airline, travel, media and hardware manufacturing companies are using Nexus because of these very features.

When can I give you a demo? I want and value your business.



Tom Coffing
CEO, CoffingDW
Direct: 513 300-0341
Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com