Tera-Tom here! Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” I am taking that advice! I want to see anyone and everyone who has a desire to become a big data expert to be able to learn in a fun and interesting way. And it won’t cost anyone a penny!

Although this is an opportunity for anyone in a fortune 1000 company, it is the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone else who lacks the opportunities or resources, but has the drive and desire.

Can you imagine the positive change that this can have for so many people around the world? If you can get to YouTube, you can become the next Einstein on big data, and I am honored to mentor you along the way. I won’t let you down!

Check out our Youtube page here!

Each YouTube video averages about 3 minutes and I start from the beginning of big data and continue to teach you everything you need to know to become a big data expert. I have started with videos on the Teradata Architecture. I am currently in the process of releasing videos on the Netezza Architecture and soon you will see SQL explanations on all commands. If you want to become a world-class expert on big data, then start by understanding the Teradata and Netezza architectures and then the SQL needed to query and retrieve answer sets. You will find that almost all other big systems follow the exact same fundamentals as Teradata and Netezza.

Just go to YouTube and search for “Tera-Tom Teradata Basics Lessons”. Or just click here to be taken directly to my page. You will see hundreds of videos. Each video is labeled and describes the topics you will learn so if you just need to know about a certain subject, then you can find it easily. If you are new to big data, you can start on video 1 (Parallel Processing) and then move sequentially through each video. I have already had over 2,000 views and I haven’t advertised until now, but the comments of how well things are explained seems to be a theme among viewers.

And if you are studying for the Teradata certification tests, then these videos are priceless.

Big data changed my life! With a thirst for learning everything I studied night and day just for just the chance to work with the largest systems in the world. I had dreams and I had nightmares. I overcame my nightmares in order to chase my dreams. Although I knew big data would bring incredible financial opportunities, I personally had a difficult time learning the many complex theories about architecture and SQL. Once it made sense my career skyrocketed. It was only then that I knew that I controlled my own destiny. That piece of mind is joyful.

I want to bring the joyful feeling of knowledge and opportunity to those who might not else get these opportunities. Let’s change the world together!