Tera-Tom here! I was a developer for years and I enjoyed writing SQL, but why write the SQL when Nexus does it for you?

This automation allows for magnitudes of people to be able to get answers on their own. I designed Nexus so almost anyone could write complex SQL without knowing anything.

One of our greatest tools is the Nexus Super Join Builder. Users see their tables and views graphically, have a menu to what joins together, and all they do is point-and-click on the columns they want on the report. Nexus builds the SQL automatically!

Nexus also believes in sharing among peers because it allows the user to save the join for themselves or others. Nexus allows the user to schedule queries to run and even allows the user to edit the SQL any way they choose. The ease-of-use is astounding and the capability for so many more individuals to write their own queries is priceless.

A Drag-and-Drop Tool for Cross-System Joins

What is even more amazing about our Super Join Builder is that it can perform cross-system joins. Users still see their tables and views graphically, but they can now drop-and-drag in tables and views from other systems. They merely define the joining columns one time and Nexus remembers.

Nexus will then convert the tables structures and data types so all are compatible, move the data so the join can happen, and return the answer set to the user. The user can analyze the answer set or even create a Tableau or Excel file. Even more impressive is the fact that users can also join Excel spreadsheets to any of the tables. The user can even save the answer set as a table on any system they choose.

The only argument I have heard about a Super Join Builder is that some developers like to write the SQL by hand. What sense does that make when the user can use a Super Join Builder to build the joins in seconds and then edit the SQL? The need for speed is always an asset and the ability for so many to be able to now develop their own queries brings enormous intelligence to the entire organization.

What makes the Nexus Super Join Builder even more valuable is the NexusCore Server. The NexusCore Server works in conjunction with the Nexus Query Chameleon desktop tool so that any time data movement is involved the NexusCore Server impersonates the user’s credentials and moves the data for the user as the user. This also allows for the perfect solution to cross-system joins.

We have developed the NexusCore Server to be able to query each table in the join separately and to join the results on the NexusCore Server. The speeds are outstanding, and the network traffic is in a controlled environment. This intelligence has not yet been seen in our industry!

Cross-system joins is where the people who love to develop their SQL by hand are completely out of their element. Tell a data scientist to join tables from Teradata, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Netezza, and Greenplum and they will finish the job (if they are extremely talented) in about two months!

Nexus can do it in about two minutes for even the most basic of users.

That is why you allow an incredibly sophisticated tool like Nexus and the NexusCore Server to do most of the work!

Companies are at their best when they can unleash their business users on data. Users need the ability to get any data at any time on their own. This is why we built the Nexus Super Join Builder and designed it to work in conjunction with the NexusCore Server.

If you want to know more about the Nexus, feel free to check out our Nexus Page. Not only that but please contact me for a demo of the Nexus today!