Like a fine wine, the Nexus and Nexus Server have taken 18 years to build, and they keep getting better. Your competitors better hope you haven’t given Nexus to your employees because you now own the future of data access. You can check out a free trial of Nexus at

There are four skills that complement each other that ensure the Nexus and the Nexus Server have no competitors:

  1. Nexus in dark mode makes querying every system in your enterprise fun, powerful, and easy.
  2. Nexus is so intelligent that it can write the SQL for users, and perform cross-system joins (federated queries).
  3. Nexus moves and migrates data across systems and automates the process, so anyone can move data when they want.
  4. The Nexus clients on your user’s desktop and laptops can schedule jobs involving humongous data to run on a high-speed and powerful Nexus Server that lives on-premises or on any cloud.

Check out these screenshots and see why you need your CTO to commit to uniting everyone in your company with the best software for querying, migrating, and joining data across all database platforms.

Why run to get many query tools for multiple databases when you can walk to Nexus and query them all?
What is the best data warehouse for every user in your company? The one inside each user’s PC or laptop which builds analytics in seconds.
If no two snowflakes are alike, then no two Snowflake users will ever be the same, so Nexus allows you to customize the look to suit you.
The Nexus is here to serve its users, and we listen to the millions of Nexus users to deliver the look and feel they desire.
If you are doing a POC or want to compare apples to apples, the Nexus delivers again to show queries from multiple systems.
The Nexus is a developer’s dream, so sometimes the SQL is so large you want to see it in its entirety with the answer sets in separate tabs.

With the power of Hercules and the speeds of Zeus, Nexus allows users to search for tables and columns across all systems.
You can use Nexus to write your SQL, but why not let Nexus build it for your users? The Super Join Builder of Nexus is simply amazing.
The entire future of data access is joining data no matter where it resides. Nexus performs cross-system federated queries with ease.
Migrating data is highly complicated, but Nexus has automated every aspect to make the impossible easy.
Are your users writing complicated SQL for pivoting data? Nexus allows users to drag and drop for perfect pivoting of answer sets.
Data comes in all forms and sizes. Nexus allows users to save and convert data to Excel, Tableau, JSON, XML, CSV, or Text.
Who isn’t moving or backing up data to inexpensive cloud storage? Nexus automates the entire process of importing and exporting data.
The Nexus Server lives on a Windows Server or VM on-premises or any cloud. Users can now schedule humongous amounts of data for joins, migration, Python, R, Perl, or automated analytics on the Nexus Server. Game, set, and match for everyone with Nexus!
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