Tera-Tom here! Some say it can’t be done, and maybe that is why so few have tried. I know it can because we’ve already done it. We are now moving data from different vendors directly to Teradata using the TPT utilities. We are calling this amazing accomplishment Lite Speed and Warp Speed! Lite Speed will use TPT Stream, and Warp Speed will use TPT Load. It won’t be long until we are moving data to and from every system in the world!


The serious business and IT user of today needs to be able to select a table(s), click a couple of buttons, and move data to and from a wide variety of systems without any complexity whatsoever. The future of data is in coalescing information from a wide variety of sources as easily as joining tables together on a single system is today.


When users choose a table(s) and select Lite Speed, the Nexus will automatically convert the DDL, create the table, and stream the data to any Teradata system using the TPT stream operator. No data is landed anywhere. It is directly streamed from point A to Teradata.


When users choose Warp Speed, the Nexus will automatically convert the DDL, move the table, and FastLoad the table using the TPT Load operator. Again, Nexus builds the underlying scripts, and the data is loaded as fast as physically possible.


If you’ve ever had to build a TPT load script, you know that you need a Ph.D. just to understand it, and then building a basic script that works is a major accomplishment. We have excelled at making this process so easy. How easy? Let me introduce you to BOB. The Big Orange Button (BOB)! You tell Nexus what you want to move and whether or not you want Lite Speed or Warp Speed, and then all you have to do is press the Big Orange Button (BOB). Don’t blink or you might not even realize that the data has been moved!


Although we are concentrating heavily on moving SQL Server to Teradata using Lite Speed and Warp Speed, we are extremely confident that you will pretty much be able to move data from any system to Teradata. We will not stop development of Nexus data movement until we can seamlessly move data to and from any system.


We have recently had the pleasure of working with one of the largest banks in the world. They have over 3,000 users who each need to be able to move data directly from a wide variety of SQL Server systems directly to Teradata. Each can now use Lite Speed to stream the data or Warp Speed for the extremely large tables.


This sets us up for the ultimate goal: To be able to join tables from different systems together as easily as joining two tables together on the same system. Our philosophy is to make this process so easy and transparent that the user will see the many systems in their enterprise as one single system. The data movement piece is the last piece of the puzzle.


Now that we can move data from any system directly to Teradata, our next objective is to be able to move data to and from any system in the world. The true brilliance is that we will use the native load utilities from each system to actually move the data. We have the expertise to pull that off.


I can’t wait to show you a demo of this and all the Nexus features. Please contact me or John.Nolan@CoffingDW.com so that we can provide the most amazing demo you have ever seen.






Tom Coffing
CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing
Direct: 513 300-0341
Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com