Tera-Tom here!  Pinch me, I must be dreaming.  Shut the front door!  According to Safari, there were 10 Tera-Tom books in the top 500 books for worldwide sales in July.  We had 8 books in the top 500 in June, and we did not expect to ever break that record.


Eight of the books covered Teradata, and 2 were about Netezza.  Coming in at number 48 was Teradata SQL.  Coming in at number 114 was Tera-Tom on Teradata Basics V12.  Netezza SQL has soared up the charts to number 128.  Remarkably, the Netezza books have only been available for 3 months!


I have great news for those of you that want to learn more about Teradata, Netezza, and Hadoop.  I have just released over 50 videos to Safari.  If you are looking to get Teradata certified, then the Teradata series is exactly what you need.  If you are looking to understand Netezza and become an expert, you may have just found the perfect opportunity.


I need your help.  Safari tracks the top 500 books sales and the top 50 videos sales.  Please watch the videos and help me get on that top 50 videos list!  The first 16 videos build the entire foundation for understanding Teradata and prepare students to pass Teradata Certification tests.  The next 17 videos, which are being released this week, are the Teradata SQL videos.   These are a must have for passing the Teradata SQL certification test.  Watch these videos, and you will have the opportunity to completely understand Teradata.


I am estimating that the 7 Netezza Architecture and 16 Netezza SQL videos will be on Safari by September 15th.


What you will love about the videos is how effective they are at teaching Teradata and Netezza.  Viewers can become experts on all aspects of both of these great technologies.  This is particularly valuable because so many companies today are currently using both technologies in conjunction with one another.  The IT superstars of the future will be experts on both Teradata and Netezza.


I personally teach every video in an incredibly dynamic studio, and I use those brilliant slides from my books.  If you love the books, you will love learning exactly how these technologies work from the videos.  Not only do I teach these personally, but I have placed a lot of animation in the videos to ensure you have a clear understanding of the material.  I also have recaps and questions so you can test and verify your knowledge.  So far, people have been raving about the books, but they seem to be even more impressed with the videos!


Basic users can watch the first 6 Teradata basics videos, while the IT staff should watch all 16 Teradata videos.  All Netezza users should watch the 7 videos entitled, “The Brilliance of Netezza”.  For anyone writing, or wanting to learn to write, SQL you will be thrilled to know you can learn every command in detail.


Through us, you can provide a complete training opportunity for everyone in your organization.  If you have a subscription to Safari, then you are all set.  If not, you can view the videos on my website or you can purchase the Tera-Tom books (14 books) and the Tera-Tom videos for your entire corporation.  Contact me or John.Nolan@CoffingDW.com so that we can provide a complete training solution for your organization.


Our next mission in September is to begin building Hadoop books and videos.  See you soon.






Tom Coffing

CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing

Direct: 513 300-0341

Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com

Website: www.CoffingDW.com