Before you watch this video take note of where you are because this is a day to remember forever, the most significant change since the cloud is at the desktop and server level connecting all systems.  The only way forward is to make all systems one.  Last Thursday, the hybrid-cloud took a giant leap forward by combining the database that is 100X faster than legacy systems with the server that allows the desktops to come alive.

Webinar Recording of Load and Go with Yellowbrick Data Warehouse and Nexus

Here is the link to the webinar recording:

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is a modern, standards-based MPP analytic database that shatters ceilings on price/performance, achieving 100X performance versus legacy alternatives at a fraction of their cost. With its unified hybrid cloud architecture, applications can deploy anywhere with the same data and performance, de-risking cloud migrations and unlocking multi-cloud innovation.

Coffing Data Warehousing’s Nexus Desktop and Nexus Server is the perfect combination for a remote workforce to manage a hybrid-cloud environment. From the user’s desktop, users can query every system, migrate to every system, and join data across every database.  Users set up everything with the click of a button, but the Nexus Server’s job is to execute the work. The Nexus Desktop and Server ensure that all processing is done on a high-speed network so that users can work from any location. We are migrating millions of rows per second to Yellowbrick.

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