Everyone knows that a company’s greatest asset is their people and nobody doubts that knowledge is power, and that data is the driving force behind knowledge. Where most opportunities are lost is by not arming employees with the best tool, thus eliminating any possibility for each employee to maximize their potential.

Arming employees with the best tool in the world isn’t the best strategy. It is the only strategy! This has become even more self-evident since the inception of commodity hardware, specialized appliances and cloud computing.

This strategy wasn’t realistic in the past because most companies purchased large systems from IBM, Oracle, Microsoft or Teradata. These hardware giants gave away simple tools to query and manage their systems which locked companies into their technology. This was acceptable because companies organized departments to each work on only a single platform. Today, the computer industry has changed with the adoption of commodity hardware, Hadoop, appliances, the cloud and the fact that all processing of data uses the same hardware and processing options.

Today, a company should have a strategy to utilize their legacy systems in conjunction with a wide variety of new systems and demand that their on-premises systems work with their cloud computing strategy. Cross-system joins that integrate data between different systems was once thought a near impossibility, but today it is a fundamental requirement.

Nexus provides the path that allows every user not only to be able to query any system, but to also integrate and move data automatically. The near future will dictate that users join and integrate data from a wide variety of sources, including the Internet of things.

Nexus breaks the boundaries and doesn’t care where data resides. Nexus gathers data from anywhere and brings it together in any destination desired. With a simple click of the mouse Nexus makes on-premises and cloud computing transparent and seamless.

For the first time in computer history all of the Oracle, Teradata and SQL Server systems in the company can be queried as if they were a single system. For the first time in computer history every user can move data to and from each of these systems with a click of the mouse. And for the first time ever a company can spin up a server on the cloud and convert, migrate and move entire databases from legacy systems to the cloud with a click of the mouse. Utilizing a tool that isn’t owned by IBM, Oracle, Microsoft or Teradata is now worth its weight in gold!

If you want to see a demo please contact me! I am also happy to send you the Nexus technical document or the Nexus video so you can see the architecture of the best software in the world right now in action.



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