Tera-Tom here! Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata have been dominating forces as databases, but each has been a disparate island of information. Until now!

Nexus makes all Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata systems one giant system. Users can join tables across the different platforms and Nexus automates the entire process. Users can even move tables to and from each system with the click of the mouse. This probably sounds like a nightmare for the IT and DBA staff, but Nexus allows the IT and DBA staff to direct the system resources to where they want the processing performed, so Nexus is actually a dream come true.

The largest financial institution in the world is using Nexus and they described it best by saying, “Nexus puts the business user on the same playing field as the data scientist”.

Nexus has been designed to thrill every member of your enterprise. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread for the business user community. Nexus turns six week projects into one hour projects for the IT and DBA staff members. And finally, Nexus allows the deployment and management team’s options and flexibility to manage resources and place data and computing power where they want. That makes Nexus perfect for multiple systems and cloud computing.

Nexus allows cloud computing and on-premises systems to work hand-in-hand. How strategic is it that companies are no longer required to have all their data on a single platform? It is the entire future of computing. Nexus even uses artificial intelligence to make performance tuning a science, so all difficult decisions can be made by Nexus. The key is the automation.

Nexus has seven fundamental concepts that allow Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata systems to communicate as one giant system:

1) Nexus can move any single Oracle, SQL Server or Teradata table or even an entire database to and from each system with the click of a button.
2) Nexus converts table structures and data types between systems instantaneously.
3) Nexus shows tables and views graphically. Users can see what tables join together and then choose the columns they want on their report. Nexus writes the SQL automatically.
4) Nexus uses the Progress Data Direct Drivers that allow Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata to talk directly with each other without any data being placed in a landing zone or going through the PC.
5) Nexus has artificial intelligence that understands a table’s size and row count so it always joins tables from different systems together in the most intelligent performance tuning manner.
6) Nexus allows all answer sets to be re-queried with drag-and-drop templates. Plus, users can graph and chart answer sets in dashboards and they can even join answer sets together.
7) Nexus allows the IT staff, DBA or even the user to choose which system they want the processing to occur.

Yes, you can actually join an Oracle table to a SQL Server table and command the systems to join the data on Teradata. What a brilliant concept!

Don’t just upgrade your tools! Make Nexus your tool of choice and dominate Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata systems. Then realize that Nexus works on all platforms and smile knowing your future is limitless. We will continue to add other systems to our cross-system join capabilities until we have them all!

I would love to give you and your peers a demo. Be prepared to be amazed and excited about your extremely bright future!



Tom Coffing
CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing
Direct: 513 300-0341
Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com