To show appreciation to our fellow data professionals, we are giving away our incredible books for FREE.

For example, the Snowflake Architecture and SQL book, an 1130-page masterpiece with hundreds of brilliant Snowflake tips and tricks, best practices, and SQL examples, is now FREE.

But you can also download our books on Synapse, Redshift, Google BigQuery, DB2, Oracle, Yellowbrick, Vertica, MySQL, Postgres, and more.

You can download the PDFs from our website immediately.

Here is how you do it. Go to and click on Books from the top right menu. You will then be in the CoffingDW bookstore, where you will see the Snowflake book. Add the Snowflake book to your cart.

Add any book you want to your cart.

When you check out, you use the coupon FRIEND2023.

You won’t have to enter any credit card information. Just put in your name and email, and the price will be discounted to zero. You can then download the book immediately at no cost to you.

The book is even watermarked with your name.

We want to highlight our latest achievement, a 20-table join spanning 20 systems in a single query using our Nexus software. What better way to show potential customers why we are the first company to provide software that queries, migrates, and joins tables across all systems than to show them all the books we have written to gain the expertise?

Enjoy the books, and keep in touch! Please let us know your thoughts. And feel free to share this coupon with your friends, family, and co-workers. In case you missed it, here is the 20-table join spanning 20 systems video.