Most people have never imagined writing a two-table join where tables reside on different database platforms. However, today, you will see a join of 20 tables from 20 separate systems in a single query! And the entire process is automated, so anyone can do it without technical expertise.

The architectural superiority it takes to pull off federated queries from on-premises, cloud, and open-source systems has flatfooted Snowflake, Microsoft, Oracle, Teradata, and Google.

How intelligent is software that can write SQL for you on any system? Our customers are thrilled because they can join tables from Snowflake and Databricks, SQL Server and Azure Synapse, Oracle and MySQL, Postgres and Greenplum, or Yellowbrick and Vertica. Or any combination of 25 different database platforms!

Even more shocking is that the result set from any query can automatically be saved as a table on any system. We have a customer who runs a four-hour query on Teradata that produces a 500 million row answer set automatically saved as a table on MySQL, saving them millions per year in system costs.  

With the press of a button, any user can migrate thousands of tables with billions of rows between any two systems because we automate all conversions and automatically build the load scripts with blistering performance.

Here is the message for all experts who believe the cloud showdown will be between Snowflake or Databricks, Oracle or Teradata, Google BigQuery, Synapse, Redshift, IBM’s Netezza, or DB2 or open-source free systems. YOU GOT IT WRONG!

The greatest advancement is the Nexus tool that queries, joins, and migrates data across all databases, so it doesn’t matter which database the data resides. If you have access to data, you are doing analysis and analytics in seconds.

Check out the video below and prepare for what you previously thought impossible.