Whether you are working at home or the office, three crucial factors are rarely considered by users when moving, joining data, and querying data across multiple systems.  Those factors are the company firewall, the distance data travels over the network, and the speed of the local area network.

Network saturation is where the crucial data catch 22 comes into place. Companies need to give their business users the ability to access any data, any time, anywhere, but how can the company overcome the three crucial factors?  The user on the desktop needs to move data, join data, and query data across multiple systems. A local area network is like trying to run a convoy through New York City.

The only architecture able to accomplish the ability to federate, migrate, and query great is to implement an intelligent Windows Server, which we call the Nexus Server.  The Nexus Pro desktop automatically builds federated queries, can join Excel to production tables, writes the SQL for the user, and allows the user to query every database platform on the market. Still, the Nexus Server runs the jobs for the user.

The Nexus Server lives on any cloud or on-premises location and uses a wide-area-network, and has a location physically close to the database platforms. Now, no matter where the user is sitting, the Nexus Server uses the desktop credentials to run the job for the user, using the user’s security credentials.

The data movement teams can migrate data to the cloud with Nexus Migrate. Nexus Migrate automatically converts the table structures, indexes, Primary Keys, and data types.  Choose the source system, the target system, and press execute. The Nexus Server acts as the go-between, so using its large memory, and high-speed network, the data moves as fast as physics allows.

Users can move data to their sandbox, query all systems simultaneously, or perform cross-system joins, which we refer to as federated queries with simplicity and ease.  The Nexus Pro handles everything, and the Nexus Server does all of the work.

Nexus is how users federate, migrate, and query great no matter where the users are working, and no matter where the data resides!

Below, data is moving from the source database to the target through the user’s PC and over the local area network.




The Nexus Product Line is the first set of tool which works with any number of Nexus Servers.  The desktop user can access any data, any time, anywhere, and command the Nexus Server to run the job for them.  The only data going to the PC is the final answer set or a confirmation from the Nexus Server that the data movement job is complete.

Below, data is moving from both source databases to the Nexus Server, where the join takes place.  The user receives just the answer set from the Nexus Server.




Nexus and NexusCore work together to support data movement and joins between over 80 source and target system combinations including:

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Snowflake
  • Greenplum
  • Teradata
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • DB2
  • SAP Hana
  • Hadoop
  • Netezza
  • Postgres
  • MySQL


We are currently running two Proof of Concepts (POC).  One customer-provisioned a Server on-premises and the other on the AWS cloud.  It took one hour to load the Nexus Server and Nexus Pro software.

Please contact me via email, phone, or our contact page and allow us to provide a free demo for your team.  Start experiencing the power of a Nexus Server in your company, or place multiple servers on AWS, Azure, or Google cloud!






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