Virtualization allows users with no technical expertise to join data across all on-premises and cloud databases.  Users can also move data from any two systems and ETL teams can migrate thousands of tables.  Having a database like Yellowbrick, where billion-row tables can return an answer set in subsecond times, encryption software from Soterosoft to guarantee the security of sensitive data, and the Nexus Server to convert and migrate between systems is the perfect package. Please enjoy the recording on the link below.

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In the first section of the demo [from 4 minutes 11 seconds], Shanti Boppanna, CTO of Sotero shows how to use a secure point-and-click interface to:

  • Configure sensitive elements in the datastores
  • Run the bulk encryption process
  • And to set up role-based access privileges down to the column level
    Query encrypted data from applications in a seamless manner using Sotero ODBC/JDBC Drivers

Fast forward to 10 minutes 25 seconds to hear Tom Coffing, CEO of Coffing data warehousing where he highlights how to:

  • Migrate and move tables and data from any system to Yellowbrick with ease
  • Join tables and views from Yellowbrick and other platforms with the click of a button
  • Allow the Nexus to take answer sets and pivot, create analytic reports, and see charts in dashboards

Hop to 22 minutes 14 seconds into the video to hear Lorenzo  Danesi, Sr. Systems Engineer from Yellowbrick highlight:

  • How to manage and monitor Yellowbrick system using system management console (SMC)
  • Ability to do ad hoc queries on a billion-row table with sub-second response
  • How easy it is to integrate Yellowbrick, Nexus, and Sotero on a very large data set

Thank you,

Team Sotero, Team Coffing Data Warehousing, and Team Yellowbrick