Imagine Migrating Your Legacy Database to a Modern Database in a manner of minutes or hours versus Months or Years.

Choose any book from the list above and then try the ultimate Proof of Concept. Companies are migrating off of Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 to modern databases for a Hybrid-Cloud strategy.

I just did a webinar and the recording is outstanding. The password for the recording: g7gmUin*

Webinar Recording

I have already set up a Nexus Server on the cloud that connects to dozens of systems. When I send you a link you can practice migrating to these systems to see how easy and powerful you can do it. You can also join tables across all systems by pointing-and-clicking.

When you provide automation for cloud migration, and then back that up with an ability to join tables across all of your database platforms you have the ultimate Hybrid-Cloud environment.

Reunite your data and free yourself from the chains of legacy vendors!