Do you want to access any data, at any time, anywhere?   

Coffing Data Warehousing is proud to announce that the latest update to the Nexus as well as the NexusCore Server will be coming out in October. 

With the Nexus Desktop, you’ll be able to use one tool to query all systems and join data across platforms (Federated queries). You can even build analytic reports inside your desktop, and move data to and from different systems with the click of a button.

NexusCore Servers are to Nexus desktops what cell phone towers are to cell phones.  Sometimes it makes sense to run queries, federated joins, build analytic reports, and move data from your desktop, but it also makes sense when the data is huge to do it through a server.  The NexusCore Server provides the flexibility to run jobs for the user, as the user.  

Toad queries Oracle systems.  You can buy a separate Toad query tool for SQL Server or DB2, but Toad works on one system at a time.  Teradata Studio is tuned to query a Teradata system. The SQL Server Management Studio design is for SQL Server systems.  Nexus is designed to query over 20 different systems simultaneously. It only makes sense to have one tool to query and combine data sets from multiple systems.

Queries Made Easy


The greatest asset a desktop tool can bring is to make cross-system joins (Federated queries) easy and efficient.  This feature alone has taken us over a decade, and that is why we are the world leaders.

Look at the picture below.  Focus first on the green arrows and see that this join involves tables from Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Greenplum.  Focus next on the blue arrow, and notice it is a hub of SQL Server, which means all tables move to SQL Server temporarily to perform the join.  The hub can be any system, the user’s PC, or any NexusCore Server.  

Then focus on the pink and red arrows.  The user can execute the query directly from their PC (pink arrow) or any NexusCore Server (red arrow).

Federated and Customizable

Data Movement in Four Easy Steps

The best data scientists in the world can take months to convert table structures and data types between systems.  It takes additional time and experience to move the data appropriately by using the correct load utility. Every user should be able to move data between systems.  We make it happen in four easy steps. Nexus instantly converts table structures and data types between systems and then moves data 70 different ways using each system’s load utility.  Small data needs to move with a different technique than large data.

If analytics is business gold, why not allow every user to create them inside their PC?  If different databases have different analytics, why not guarantee every user every analytic?  If analytics are difficult to write, why not get them with a few clicks of the mouse? Welcome to the future and the Nexus “Garden of Analytics.”  The Garden of Analytics is the Excel spreadsheet of the future. Users take data and instantly get reports that contain analytics. Above, we have taken sales data and with less than five-clicks of the mouse received three different ranks by Product_ID.

Analytics a Few Clicks Away


If the IT department’s job is to support the business users, then why not allow IT to build a data utopia for users?  Welcome to the Nexus BizStar area. Business users point-and-click on items in a menu to run advanced queries, federated joins, tactical queries, and more.  Users can receive and share reports instantly with their peer groups. Entire business processes can be set up to run automatically.

Welcome to BizStar

Nobody has produced the ability to query any data, at any time, anywhere while also allowing the user to be in any physical location.  Although it seems like Star Trek science, the combination of Nexus desktops everywhere working directly on any NexusCore server allows the user to beam up to any physical location.  If a user runs a Federated query on their desktop and simultaneously runs another Federated query on a NexusCore server, they are in two places at the same time. The NexusCore server runs queries for the user, as the user as if the user was sitting on top of the server.

The Secret Sauce of NexusCore – Beam me up, Scottie!


The future of data architecture is to allow a user to do everything from their PC or have any server do it for them as them through impersonation.  NexusCore Servers are to Nexus desktops what cellphone towers are to cell phones.

NexusCore Servers – Like Cell Towers to Cell Phones


When stacked up against the competition, Nexus is hard to beat because it is designed to do everything.  It is the Swiss Army Knife of data.   

Please contact Tom Coffing for a demo.  You can try Nexus and the NexusCore Server for free in October.


Tom Coffing

CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing

Direct: 513 300-0341