About our classes:  Our Teradata education program is designed to teach students the Teradata Architecture, Teradata specific SQL, Teradata Load Utilities and Database Administration. Classes are taught on-site or virtually over the Internet.  Each student will receive a PDF eBook that they can utilize as a learning guide and as an excellent resource when working with Teradata.  The SQL portion of the class will be focused on hands-on training. Students will run hundreds and hundreds of queries.  All classes can be customized to your timeframe and content!


Class Setup:  If you have your own Teradata system and you are already utilizing a query tool we can send you a script to run on your system that will build the tables and views corresponding with the course and book examples.  You also have the option to let us totally set everything up.  We will supply you with a system and the Nexus Query Chameleon tool via the internet, cloud or remote desktop.  Users can access our system from almost anywhere!  Also, there is no limit to the number of students.  We normally average about 20 students per class, but we have had excellent reviews on classes with 50, 100 and 200 students.


Class OutlineClass Duration
Teradata Architecture1 day
Teradata SQL2-3 days
Teradata Utilities2-3 days
Teradata Database Administration 3-4 days

About the Trainer:

Tom Coffing

Contact us:  Please contact Leslie.Nolander@CoffingDW.com for a price proposal.