Tera-Tom here!

BizStar is the 4th foundation of Nexus, and it will allow the business users and the IT staff to collaborate like bread and butter.  This is due out in our October release.

BizStar has two concepts designed to make everyone a business star (BizStar):

One section of BizStar will allow the business user to receive a wide variety of reports including answer sets, Excel, Graphs, Charts and unstructured documents.

The second section of BizStar will allow IT to setup a wide variety of query menus so business users can execute queries by merely clicking once on a menu.

Plus, one of the most exciting features to hit the computer industry in years is the BizStar Multi-Step Process Builder.  This will allow anyone to setup a query and receive an answer set and then setup a series of steps on what they want to do with that answer set.  This may become the 8th wonder of the world!

Imagine performing a cross-system join between Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Hadoop, Aster Data, Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Excel and getting an answer set.  Then setting up a series of 10 additional analytic reports based on that answer set and sending those reports to every member of your team!  You can then hit Execute and watch the steps execute automatically one-by-one or even schedule the job daily!

Nexus now has four foundations that allow the entire enterprise to collaborate.

Foundation One makes moving data between systems easy! Pick the source and the target and click MOVE.  It is just as easy to move and entire database or even compare and synchronize a database between any two systems.  This foundation took seven years to build.

Foundation Two is the Nexus Super Join Builder and it not only builds the SQL automatically, but it allows users to take that SQL and save it in a menu, create a table on any system, schedule it or place it in the menus of thousands of other team members.  This foundation puts the business user on the same playing field as the data scientist and since we have automated the data movement the Super Join Builder also instantly builds cross-system joins on any combination of on-premises and cloud systems.  The future is about joining data no matter where it resides.

Foundation Three is the Nexus Garden of Analysis which allows users to re-query every answer set they have received during the day inside their own PC.  The Garden of Analysis allows a user to query a system once, get an answer set and then generate up to 50 additional reports with sub-second response time because all the processing is being done inside the user’s PC!  What a concept?

Foundation Four is the Nexus BizStar, which takes advantage of all the above so users can receive and share reports, graphs, charts, videos, Excel worksheets and unstructured data directly from the IT staff or other business users.  Plus, in BizStar there are a wide variety of menus so users can execute queries directly from a wide variety of organized menus.  The icing on the cake that takes advantage of all foundations is the BizStar Multi-Step Processes Builder.  You just setup the queries, then tell Nexus what you want done to the answer sets and then just click execute and watch everything perform in a step-by-step fashion.

I will be setting up multiple demos in September or you can request a demo for just yourself.  You can also invite others.  My contact information is below.


Tom Coffing
CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing
Phone: 513 300-0341
Website: www.CoffingDW.com
Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com