Tera-Tom here!  

The Japanese have a philosophy that if you master one thing, you can master anything. I decided to take this philosophy to another level. I set out to master the two most difficult and opposite extremes simultaneously. If successful, then I could master everything between these two extremes. So, I decided to master the number one fear in the world, public speaking and the opposite skill of high-tech computers. My goal was to become one of the best speakers in the world as well as one of the best technical minds in computing.

I once asked Bill Gates, the greatest computer mind of our lifetime, “Bill, you dominate the PC space with your operating systems and the mid-level server space with SQL Server. Have you considered an MPP solution so you could dominate computing from top to bottom, thus everything in between?”

At that time, he said he was interested more in competing with Oracle. That is when I decided to build the best PC software that queries big data.

In my first speech class, I got a ‘D’, and the teacher gave me this advice, “Switch majors”, but I knew inside my heart that I could become a great speaker and graduated with a Speech Communications degree.  Eventually, I was told by my persuasion teacher that I was the most persuasive student she had ever seen in her entire career.  My first job after graduating college was as a computer programmer and this lasted an excruciating 10 years.  I started programming with Hollerith cards!  At first I didn’t have a clue and the assembler language looked like Greek to me, but eventually I could code and debug anything.  

I programmed computers in the daytime but I worked on my speaking at night.  I took acting lessons on the weekends, did community theater at night, did television commercials when I could get the gig, and spent 10 years in Toastmasters.  Soon I began to win best actor awards, and I eventually won a national title at Toastmasters while also landing a job teaching Teradata classes!

After mastering the two extremes, I then began to master things in between.  It took me two years to write my first book and another two years to write my second book, but then I wrote four books in four months and as of today, it takes me about one week to write a great book.  I have since taught over 1,000 classes and written over 75 books on all big data databases.  I was also able to teach all 1,000 classes without name tags.  Even with classes of 100 students, I could memorize their names by greeting them and shaking their hands as they entered the classroom.  I was also able to put out on YouTube over 500 videos on big data as well as teaching corporations how to speak and sell.

The culmination of all this work allowed me to hire a team of world-class programmers and design the Nexus Chameleon.  It is software that masters the extremes because it is a desktop tool for the PC that queries all big data systems!  Nexus is so easy-to-use that business users can point-and-click on tables and even perform cross-system joins because Nexus writes the SQL automatically.  Nexus even re-queries and joins answer sets inside the PC with point-and-click templates.  Yet Nexus is so powerful that it can move data between systems, convert DDL, and compare/synchronize tables for the DBA and ETL teams with a click of the mouse.

And yes – Nexus also simultaneously queries both on-premises systems as well as cloud systems, including Amazon Redshift and Microsoft’s MPP platform Azure SQL Data Warehouse!  Yes, Bill Gates and company did finally decide to go after MPP!

Master the extremes, and then you will be great at everything in between!