Oracle makes it much tougher to migrate off of Oracle than to migrate to Oracle. Last week we migrated a million row Oracle table to a Yellowbrick system in one second. 

At first, the customer thought the load job blew up because the movement job flickered for under a second and disappeared, but after checking, the table create was successful and the data was present.

How is this possible?  The possibility comes from a desktop and server strategy. The Nexus Pro desktop and Nexus Server software installation allows for the migration between all databases with five clicks of a mouse, and the Nexus Server executes the process for the user.

A desktop and server strategy is the future of software.  You need a robust desktop to perform vital cross-system functions from the office, home, hotel, or a coffee shop.  Users today need to work from anywhere but get the high-speed necessity that only a server provides.

It is essential that the user be able to point-and-click to join or move data across different database platforms, but even more critical that a Server run the job for the user using the user’s credentials.

Customers who want to migrate off of Oracle to Yellowbrick, Snowflake, MySQL, Postgres, Greenplum, Redshift, Azure Synapse, or Teradata can now move thousands of tables in a single request.  We were able to set up the move of over 1,000 Oracle tables to Yellowbrick in under 30 seconds.

Not even a data scientist, let alone a non-technical business user, can master building load-scripts between a wide variety of databases, so why not let the software automate the process?

If you don’t believe that anyone can migrate and move data between all database platforms with efficiency and speed, watch the videos below. The Migration of databases video:

Watch the video of why a Server is important with cross-system moves:

It can take less than one hour to completely set up a Proof of Concept (POC) that allows you to see how easy it is to migrate data.  Migrating data between different on-premises and cloud platforms include moving thousands of tables or allowing your user base to transfer tables to their sandbox.

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