Yesterday – My Netezza troubles seemed so far away.

Since IBM bought them now, they’re here to stay.

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be.

Why can’t I migrate off so easily?

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Why it had to go, I don’t know, they would not say.


If there is ever a “Data Hall of Fame,” then Netezza’s Jit Saxena, CEO, and Foster Hinshaw, CTO, should be elected.  Netezza built the first parallel processing appliance, which turned out to be a Teradata Trojan Horse.

At the time, Teradata had a monopoly on the data warehouse business.  I was attending a Teradata conference, and I was sitting in a discussion room with a bunch of Teradata marketing and salespeople. Somebody said, “Have you heard about Netezza?”

A marketing person jumped up and said, “They call Netezza a data warehouse, but all you have to do is plug it in, load the data, and go.”  Everyone laughed.

A salesperson jumped up and shouted, “It has wheels on it so you can move it between different departments.”  Everyone laughed even harder.

Someone else stood up and mocked, “They don’t even have secondary indexes”!  And the room exploded with laughter.

Someone at Teradata then passed out pencils and paper to everyone.  They said, “We now want everyone to write down all the reasons why the Netezza concept is stupid, and why Netezza is not a real data warehouse.  List as many items as you can”

Everyone grabbed their pencils, eyes were gleaming, and with big smiles on their faces, they then wrote nothing down!  You could have heard a pin drop as every face dropped.

Netezza went on to change the world.  They won over 50% of the Proof of Concepts (POCs) against Teradata for years to come.  They broke the monopoly, and it has been a buyers’ market ever since.

Netezza went IPO, and eventually, IBM purchased them.

But that was yesterday.

Many experts and customers think that Netezza is now dead.

IBM disagrees and states, “While it’s true that our Twinfin and Striper models are retiring, the long line of fish that our Netezza customers have loved and succeeded with over the years will continue to be served. Next up is “Sailfish” (aka IIAS) IBM’s next generation of world-class analytics appliance.”

IBM even offers free migration, but only to “Sailfish.”  They also state, “Migration to any other engine will be more complex. Guaranteed.”

The bottom line is that a lot of customers want to migrate from Netezza to another platform.  And it is not complex at all.

All you have to do is purchase a single Nexus Pro license and a single NexusCore Server license and point-and-click.  Nexus will convert the table structures and column data types and build the load utilities that your target system vendor uses instantly.  You press EXECUTE.  You could begin the entire migration process within minutes!

Check out the diagram below.  Right-click on your Netezza database and from the menu choose, “Move Data To.”  You can automatically migrate and move data from Netezza to Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, or Snowflake.



Let’s show an easy migration example from Netezza to Snowflake. See the diagram below.


If you want to migrate from Netezza, then give me a call.




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