The only thing better than having a data scientist on your team is to make everyone on your team a data scientist, and then provide an environment where they can collaborate.

The greatest opportunity for your company in 2020 is to take advantage of the many different systems on the market and get a huge competitive advantage by accessing data across different platforms and clouds.  The only people who are ready for that is a data scientist.

I am pinching myself going into 2020 because the company I have built over the past 25-years is the only company in the world capable of giving everyone in an enterprise data scientist capabilities.  I am amazed that we have pulled this off before Microsoft and Amazon.

And it only took 15 years!  I now know why nobody has attempted this feat.  The reason it took 15 years is that we started right and then built the most complicated software in the world.

We have two products that, when combined, can give a company an enormous competitive edge while also saving them tens of millions of dollars in software and data movement costs.

Those products are the Nexus Chameleon Desktop combined with multiple NexusCore Servers.

The first thing your team needs is a query tool that can query all systems simultaneously.  Users can develop their SQL, but it is paramount that the tool can build the SQL automatically.  The Nexus Super Join Builder shows users tables and views in pictures and allows the user to point-and-click on the columns they want on the report.  What is mind-boggling amazing is that these tables and views can come from any combination of your on-premises and cloud systems.

The Nexus automates everything!  Everything means table and data type conversions and proper load-scripts.  We have developed over 80 different ways to move data between systems.

This concept will not work from a desktop alone because a company cannot control and manage the data traffic unless jobs executed from a user’s PC. Still, they can when the user executes from any NexusCore Server!  Now, the user’s desktop can be located anywhere on Earth.  The NexusCore Servers execute the jobs using the user’s credentials as if the user was sitting in front of the server. Only the final answer set comes back to the user’s desktop. A brilliant desktop tool with the ability to execute from any server is the software architecture of the future.

Now, what might take a data scientist weeks to pull off allows every member of your team to pull off in minutes, or completely automate and schedule.  Check out the diagram below.



Please give me a call or drop me an email to see a demo.  I will put the software in your hands for a free trial.  I look forward to our partnership.




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