Tera-Tom here!  

The name Hadoop came from the original open source project leader Doug Cutting. Doug’s son had named his toy elephant Hadoop, but Hadoop isn’t like an elephant.  Hadoop is like a beautiful stallion roaring across the open plains, wild and free. The free part of Hadoop has it affirmed as the triple crown winner, but the wild part is a night-mare because it is easier to run on the open plains then on open source.

Most tools use drivers that are too lame to even connect to Hadoop and Hive, but you will no longer have a long face because Nexus uses Progress Data Direct drivers so connecting is horse play.  And the best part is that I’ve footed the bill so they won’t cost you a buck.  We pre-install the Hadoop drivers inside Nexus.

Nexus allows you to write your own Hadoop SQL or Map Reduce functions, but why hoof it when Nexus can click on tables and views and write the SQL for you right out of the gate? And Nexus lets you edit the SQL that is automatically created so feel free to trim a few lengths.

Not only have we tamed Hadoop but Nexus has it acting like a trick pony because we have gone the extra mile and a quarter and integrated Hadoop with all major databases including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Teradata.  Talk about running in the right circles.

Nexus out-jockeys’ other tools because Nexus performs cross-system joins between any combination of Hadoop, Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Aster Data, SAP Hana, Greenplum, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Amazon Redshift.  And you can save these cross-system joins in a menu that makes this amazing process a single-click away.  What is even more clever is that you can schedule these queries to run in our Nexus scheduler, and you can even pass these automated query menu items to others in your herd.     

And you won’t need to reign in the DBA or IT staff to move data between Hadoop and other systems! Nexus automatically converts table structures and moves tables and even entire databases on the spur of the moment with such ease that you will be chomping at the bit and not the bytes.  With the press of a button, you can move entire Hadoop databases to Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.

Rear up and take notice that Nexus is so versatile with Hadoop that you can even re-query Hadoop answer sets inside your PC in the Nexus Garden of Analysis. As a matter of fact, Nexus provides the ability to take all answer sets from all systems you’ve queried and join them, perform advanced analytics, graph and chart, and even perform pivots and List_Agg functions inside your PC.  Why run 50 queries on the data warehouse where contention for resources is like a stampede when you can run them on your PC where you control the horse power?  

So, race down to your boss’s desk and tell them that you’re always dreaming of a tool that will enhance your performance magnitudes of order.  Then arrange for a free trial of Nexus or allow me to give you a demo.  There is no time to stall!

Nexus has been used in production at the largest banks, telecommunications, and insurance companies as well as the entertainment and travel industry for the past 10 years so this isn’t our first rodeo.

Check out this demonstration below!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your mane man,