Tera-Tom, the Speech Doctor here!

The body language technique I am about to explain can change your life and enhance your career enormously.  You have never heard of it before nor will you ever hear of it again.  At first, you might think I am insane, but you are about to learn how to appear intelligent, powerful, and dynamic.

The key is to first become aware of the proper way to stand and then to master this technique so that you can use it when it’s crunch time.  How rare is the knowledge you are about to learn?  Almost nobody else on Earth has ever even contemplated this so you will have an advantage over the other 6,987,000,000 people on Earth!

Everyone understands the power and importance of good eye contact, but nobody understands the important role their feet play in good communications.  And here is your new objective:

When standing in the presence of others, your feet should never move.

As a matter of fact, the real goal is to not move anything from your waist down.  Your hips shouldn’t move a millimeter!  You can move your head, arms, and hands, but you must strive to have complete stillness from waist down!

If you crunch your big toes to the floor, you won’t be able to move anything!

It is incredibly hard to do, and only the best communicators do it, and yet if you can merely crunch your big toes, you will always be perfectly still from the waist down. Now please realize that you don’t do this technique all the time! You do it when it’s crunch time.  If you need to look impressive, powerful, intelligent, and persuasive then it’s crunch time.

Believe it or not, the number one fear of people is speaking before a group.  Public speaking is actually a greater fear than death!  As comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, “People would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy.”

Human beings are terrified to speak before a group, but they are also nervous when communicating one on one.  When you’re nervous you will:

  1. Shift your weight back and forth from one foot to another.
  2. Sway your hips as if you are Elvis Presley singing ‘Jailhouse Rock.’
  3. Raise your heels off the ground, shifting your weight to your tip-toes.

This movement is extremely distracting, and the more you do it and the longer it persists, the more your credibility goes down.  Not only is it distracting, but you appear nervous, lacking confidence, and people will perceive that you don’t want to be there or that you have something to hide.

Let me now describe the technique in detail because there is more to this than you first realize.  Imagine that you are barefoot and that two bugs crawled under your big toes. Crunch both of your big toes as if you are smashing these bugs into the ground.  Sometimes I press down lightly and other times I press down so hard that it feels like my toes are about to break.  I will explain why.

Just by slightly crunching your big toes it makes it nearly impossible to move from the waist down.  You can’t shift your weight from side to side.  Both feet remain perfectly still, and your weight is evenly distributed.  You can’t lift your heels and move to your tip-toes, and your hips won’t move a millimeter.  You are locked and loaded with the perfect stance with one simple move.  It won’t be comfortable to try and do two things at once, such as crunch and have a conversation, but the benefits are incredible, and your potential is now limitless.

Would a King or Queen shuffle their feet?  Would a CEO sway back and forth?  Then why are you moving around like you’ve got ants in your pants?  You do it for these reasons:

  • You’ve didn’t realize you were doing it.
  • You’re a fidgety person.
  • It feels comfortable.
  • You just want to be yourself, and in business, that can be a big mistake.
  • You didn’t know it’s a problem.

Become aware and then do something about it because lower body movement is what separates the good communicators from the great ones.  I use it in my teaching, speaking, acting, videos, in meetings, and in one-on-one communications.  When I enter my business mode and interact with customers, I don’t move my feet!

If you don’t want to improve your persona by 1000% then just keep on dancing!  They do say that rock-n-roll will never die, but unfortunately your credibility will be singing the blues.  There is nothing wrong with being nervous, but there is something wrong with showing it.

This technique allows you to be the only one in the room that is aware that you are nervous.  The incredible thing about having the ability to mask your own nervousness is that it makes you less nervous!

Nervousness is something that you can’t really control.  There will be times you should be nervous and you’re not, and there are other times when you shouldn’t be nervous and you are.  But having a technique that allows you to completely mask your own nervousness can be worth its weight in gold.  It gives me the ability to be successful no matter whether I am nervous or not.  We call that peace of mind in a stressful and competitive business market!

Now get ready for part two for when you crunch your toes really, really hard.   You do this when you are so nervous that you feel like you’re about to jump out of your shoes!  When people must give a presentation, they have so much tension that they do horrible things such as grip the podium, cross their arms, constantly sway back and forth, or even worse constantly, click and unclick their pen.  This is their way of releasing tension, and it absolutely kills a presentation.  When you crunch your big toes down hard, you release all tension in the one place nobody sees and that is the bottom of your feet.  Plus, you keep your feet and lower body completely still.

This is the thrill of victory and the still of de-feet!

I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t move.  You can move across the room or take a step towards your slides or lean towards one person, but it is vital that when you are standing still that you stand completely still.  So, un-crunch your toes when you need to move and crunch them again when you stop.

The only bad news is that now that you are aware of this technique, you are going to notice how much unnecessary movement everyone else has. Not you, though! You’ll crunch your toes and be the most professional looking person in the room! Remember! Until you become an expert, you can crunch your toes when it’s crunch time!

The next time you see your favorite actor, speaker, singer, performer, boss, teacher, waiter, or waitress, you just might happen to notice how still they are from the waist down.  Hey, they’re comfortable in their own shoes! Be still, crunch those toes, and look like a professional!

Instead of putting your best foot forward, make sure your weight is evenly distributed so that you won’t shuffle your feet and lose your seat…on the board of directors!  Implement this technique and the ground is the limit!

Tom Coffing received his Bachelors in Speech and Communications from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He’s been a speech professional for the last thirty-five years, receiving countless accolades in both Toastmasters and on the stage. Tom has trained thousands a crossed the globe on how to utilize his speech techniques to be their best professional selves.